Art: Kimberlee Kessler

If November felt a little one note (read: TOUGH) at least there’s some light and shade to be had in December. It’s not all easy, but it promises to be very interesting.

Although Venus retrograde doesn’t officially kick off until later in the month (19 December AEST and GMT) the shadow period is already pulling focus on the issues you’re being invited to reassess.

Venus retrograde is all about reframing our approach to relationships, pleasure, money and what we care about. It’s also a time when old flames, friends, contacts and baggage from the past can reappear. Pay attention to chance meetings – there are no coincidences!

In Capricorn, it’s all about long-term plans. Are your choices today consistent with your five-year plan? With Pluto involved, your experiences could be surprising, intense or even slightly intimidating.

That ongoing storyline that’s dominated 2021 (Saturn square Uranus) ramps up again just in time for Christmas. The overarching themes won’t be anything new, but there could be some dramatic twists so staying limber – and kind – will help ride the waves.

Finally there’s a big shift at the very end of the month to look forward to when Jupiter changes signs into Pisces (29 December, 2021 AEST and GMT) helping us connect with a sense of optimism, wisdom and compassion.

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead!

P.S. In addition to your star sign, be sure to check your rising sign reading (the sign that was rising on the Eastern horizon the moment you were born) as well. You can work out your rising sign here.



The moments of truth are coming in hot this month with Venus and Pluto delivering some tough-but-fair insights, especially around your work. When things get intense,  try to dig beyond the surface and ask yourself, “What part of this picture fits with what I desire long-term?” Maybe you’re craving more purpose-driven work, or maybe you’re not feeling valued. Notice what comes up. The situations at hand are a catalyst for you to conduct a deeper review. There’s no need to rush out and resign, just pay attention and trust that these themes will be up for reflection over the coming months (until February 2022).


Action around your career and wellbeing ramps up again this month as Saturn and Uranus face off for their third rendezvous this year. The themes aren’t new (cast your mind back to February and June for a clue on what will be coming up) this time, you’ll be getting clearer on what you’re wanting to let go. Speaking of wants, Venus retrograde will be putting desire, money and love front and centre. The next three months will be important for reviewing your priorities and figuring out what really matters. No dramatic action required, just watch and see what unfolds (and who appears) to deepen your understanding of how your priorities are evolving.


There’s no shortage of excitement coming your way in December, with endings, revelations and plenty of parties thrown in for good measure. The end of eclipse season (4 December AEST and GMT) should be a stabilising influence. But as your calendar fills up for party season, you could find yourself talking a big game. Be careful not to write cheques you can’t cash – especially when it comes to your work. The solstice (22 December AEST; 21 December GMT) marks a real turning point and invites Gemini folks to turn inwards for a little soul-searching around how well you share – just in time for Venus retrograde.


With Venus and Pluto dancing through the part of your chart related to your closest relationships, there’s some epic moments of truth to be had this month. Whether its tiffs or trysts, pay attention to the vibe with your significant others – both romantic and platonic. Ask yourself, “How do I really feel about what’s going on here? What’s the deeper issue playing out?” It could be the start of some huge emotional breakthroughs…if you’re willing to get really honest. What you want from relationships long-term will be made more and more clear by the situations unfolding. Watch and learn.


The ongoing storyline that’s been bubbling away all year around your career and your closest confidantes will be a big focus this month. Issues that came to the fore in February and June will be back on the table, helping bring more clarification. What’s authentic to you? What feels outdated? What doesn’t fit with this wild new world we’re navigating? If you’re unsure, try to surrender and let things unfold gradually. It will start to make sense in its own time, but trust that not everything is meant to come with you. Meanwhile Venus retrograde (19 December – 29 January AEST and GMT) offers a window to reframe how you prioritise your health and wellbeing.


As eclipse season wraps up (4 December AEST and GMT) there’s a chance to take stock of all the epic changes that have been unfolding, especially when it comes to your work and home life. You could be feeling extra philosophical, especially around family stuff, as Sagittarius season brings a twilight vibe. As Venus edges towards her retrograde (19 December AEST and GMT) expect intriguing developments highlighting your relationship with pleasure. Sex, hook-ups and partying could all be on your mind, as some home truths make you question what you really want long-term.


With Venus sailing through her shadow (until 19 December) it’s likely family stuff and/or where you live are weighing heavily on your mind already. The focus will continue to intensify throughout the month, as the lead-up to Venus retrograde spotlights some big decisions about what you want long-term. It’s a lot to think about, but trust that you don’t need to make any hard and fast decisions right now. Try to stay curious to the themes that keep popping up. Whenever you find yourself getting overwhelmed, return to the question, “What do I really value out of life, long term?”


There’s plenty of soul searching to be done this month as the upcoming Venus retrograde (19 December – 29 January AEST and GMT) casts a brooding light over the mood. What you care about will be called into question, as external circumstances put your values systems to the test. It’s the kind of space weather that offers the potential for big breakthroughs but it’s not for the faint-hearted. Lean into opportunities to get honest about what matters especially in your relationships, and don’t be too worried if things don’t resolve quickly. These issues (or people) will be in the mix until February next year.


The end of eclipse season should feel like a big change (4 December AEST and GMT) and offer some resolution to ongoing instability in your personal life. It’s a relief, but be careful not to go too hard on the celebratory drinks – things could get very rowdy, very quickly. On a more serious note, the impending Venus retrograde (19 December – 29 January AEST and GMT) will be stirring up questions around cash. Look out for recurrent themes around how you make and spend money – they’ll be on your mind over the coming months and are coming up for a reason.


The first faint whisper of an extreme makeover could be floating in the air this month as Venus prepares to go retrograde in the part of your chart governing how you define yourself. Whether it’s a new career, curtain bangs or a major food overhaul, the seeds of a big reset are beginning to take root. Don’t panic if you’re not 100 per cent on what (or how) you want to change. You’ll have plenty of time to think about your reinvention over the coming months. Just sit back and let the inspiration find you. When you know, you know.


As eclipse season wraps up (4 December AEST and GMT), there’s some big party feels lighting up your social sphere. As the invites pour in, putting the ‘silly’ into silly season will be mighty tempting. Have fun, but don’t use the holidays as an excuse to numb out. The ongoing plot from this year will ramp up again just in time for the holidays, highlighting big questions around where you’re going and where you’re living. Meanwhile Venus prepares to go retrograde (19 December – 29 January AEST and GMT) inviting you to connect with your subconscious. Somatic body work or yoga therapy could be just what the doctor ordered.


Work and work wives will be the reason for this season this month as the skies pull focus on your career. There’s inspiration and excitement to be had, but the potential for overextending yourself – whether it’s at the office Christmas party or at a pitch meeting – is very real. As Venus and Pluto tango towards the retrograde (19 December – 29 January AEST and GMT) social connections – both inside and outside work – will become a focus. Old friends or old hang-ups you thought were long gone could resurface. Stay curious. There are no coincidences, only opportunities to get honest about what you truly value.