Hailey Bieber attends a whole lot of red carpet events, often with very little time to get ready in between her numerous other engagements. This means that her glam team typically have very little time to spruce up the star before her turn on the red carpet, which means clever shortcuts must be made to ensure a speedy outcome.

While most of us aren’t ducking between such glamorous commitments, a lot of us are very busy (or lazy) and can’t always dedicate enough time to looking our best as perhaps we’d like. So we’re thankful to Bieber for challenging her go-to glam squad – legendary hair stylist Jen Atkin and makeup artist Denika Bedrossian, along with stylist Maeve Reilly – to get her ready for a red carpet in just 30 minutes on YouTube (and thus allowing us to mine the content for time-saving beauty tricks).

After deciding on a loose blow-out hairstyle, Atkin gets to work on prepping Bieber’s long locks, spraying her own blend of sugar water through the lengths. “I’m actually doing an old 1950s hair dresser trick,” she explains. “I put a little sugar in with my water so that it helps to set the hair as I’m blowing it up.” Genius!

Meanwhile Bedrossian is working her magic on Bieber’s complexion, focusing all her attention on creating a glowing complexion and impactful burgundy eyeliner look rather than a fussy lip. She also adds shimmer to Bieber’s limbs, adding, “I don’t think people realise how many little details go into the final touches. We have to shine the cuticles and the hands, the collarbone — we have to get all those little bits and bobs in there.”

The final result sees Bieber donning a lilac beaded gown with luminous skin and bombshell waves, all in half an hour. You can bet we’ll be trying out those beauty hacks this weekend! Watch the entire video above.