hailey bieber new york short skirt
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 27: Hailey Bieber is seen seen on January 27, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by MEGA / GC Images)

For the past few weeks, Hailey Bieber has been on a mission to prove that even though it’s winter — and she’s really been in winter, in New York’s subzero temperatures — it’s still possible to get your pins out for a good outfit moment.

First, the model and Rhode founder debuted her brand new brunette bob by wearing a school girl-esque outfit made up of a pleated mini skirt, loafers with socks and an oversized coat for warmth. Then, she stepped out again in the city wearing bottoms so barely-there it was hard to make out exactly what they were: a black pair of shorts? a mini? She paired this micro hemline look with sheer tights, loafers and socks again, adding an oversized leather jacket.

hailey bieber micro mini skirt new york
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 22: Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber are seen on January 22, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

Back home in LA, where the weather is much more suited to summer hemlines in winter, you can bet Bieber isn’t stopping her campaign.

In a new mirror selfie posted to Instagram, the 26-year-old is seen wearing a full look straight from the runway of Maximilian Davis’s Pre-Fall 2023 collection for Ferragamo.

Consisting of glossy short-shorts, as in Miu Miu micro mini skirt length short, cinched by a belt with a circular silver buckle, paired with a white top and a textured long patent coat, Bieber added her signature accessory: a pair of statement sunglasses and some black pumps to complete the look.

The combination of the long coat and shorts, a similar aesthetic to what Bieber has been debuting on the streets of New York, taps into the idea of “mixing hot and cold” that Davis focused on this season for Ferragamo, with the Trinidadian-British designer saying he was inspired by the contrast of the mountains and palm trees seen in LA.

Micro hemlines for winter? Groundbreaking (truly).