Flowers, a totem to a whole spectrum of emotions, are such a great present to give your special someone. If not a special someone, treat yourself! Here are a couple of small, and not-so-small businesses that offer gorgeous flowers and provide high-quality services that you need to get your hands on.


The flowers from Florette are impeccable. Founder Tanja Perrono worked extremely hard as a mum of two to launch her business in Dubai. Her flowers are affordable, beautiful and are freshly sourced from Holland. Make sure you support her brand and make that special someone feel extra special.


Go Flower was started by Benn Davey to disrupt the traditional flower industry. The company prides itself on delivering flowers within hours of landing in the UAE and customers get to enjoy the flowers from bud to bloom for a much longer period of time! Go Flower ME is truly a one-of-a-kind company!

Hand-Tied Box

Hand-tied box is the epitome of good vibes only. Founders Aiswarya Ravi and Preeta Sharma founded this company by being inspired by the calming and meditative powers of arranging flowers. The founders hand-pick the exact number of flowers with the intent of zero wastage and their packaging is sustainable too!

The Lovely Flower Shop

Founders, Joelle Clute and Mona Al-Beiti created this homegrown flower shop for they had a passion for flowers and arrangements created for special moments with those special people. The environmentally conscious material alongside their prompt delivery makes them stand out as a start-up business.


Founder Natalia Shushtova launched bespoke floral arrangement studio Gosha flowers in November! The concept is super unconventional in that the company doesn’t just arrange flowers but also fruits, herbs and vegetables. I mean, who wouldn’t want delicately arranged coriander and celery? Pretty inventive!