Flat Lay Masterclass Dubai
Courtesy of Fatma Hilal

Flat lay stylist, photographer, designer, and TikTok sensation Fatma Hilal is creating an exclusive masterclass series where she will teach the key steps to create the ultimate flat lay, whether for your feed, work or personal brand.

When it comes to Fatma’s portfolio, she carries a list of luxury fashion brands like Manolo Blahnik, Bulgari, Chloe, YSL Beauty and many more, in which she created the utter-most stylish flat lays for their brands.

Hilal’s one-of-a-kind masterclass will include ten in-depth videos, which come in both English and Arabic. The masterclass will dive into the art of flat lays, including how to create the ultimate flat lay, creating backgrounds, taking professional images using your iPhone, and setting up the ultimate lighting without needing any additional equipment.

Toward the end of the course, you will receive a one-on-one session with the expert herself, where she will answer any questions you have and provide in-depth knowledge on the lessons you have learnt. With social media taking the industry by storm, it feels like now more than ever; we can benefit from a course like this (I know I sure can). We constantly find ourselves saving these perfect flat-lay images off of Pinterest to recreate, but now we have the option of finally learning from a professional like Fatma, who has immense experience in the field of flat-lay styling.


Ahead, find a breakdown of Fatma’s masterclass and what each lesson consists of:

Lesson One: Introduction To Flat Lays
Within the first chapter, you will learn the fundamentals of creating the perfect flat lay with two unique techniques.

Lesson Two: Editing
In chapter two, Fatma will discuss the essentials of editing your photos like a professional only by using your phone. She will go in-depth on making your very own customized presence to add value to your work.

Lesson Three: Floral Flat Lay
You will learn the art of flower arrangments and how to style them for any flat lay seamlessly. This chapter will bring clarity on how to achieve the perfect shot for a magical garden-esque image.

Lesson Four: Food Photography
Chapter four covers all aspects of shooting with food and beverages, allowing you to dominate the lighting technique and achieve a crisp yet beautiful image.

Lesson Five: Café Shot
Learning the ultimate solution to capturing coffee and cafes through your phone and how to edit the images like a pro.

Lesson Six: Afternoon Shoot
Utilizing the afternoon light is essential. In chapter six, Fatma will teach you to work with shadows during the afternoon.

Lesson Seven: Backgrounds
Hilal will be teaching you how to use, create and customize your backgrounds. Along with the fundamentals of editing and how to print your backgrounds.

Lesson Eight: Product Shoot One
We all know we’ve tried to get a product shot, and it most likely failed. In this class, Hilal will teach you how to style and shoot a luxury product with different backgrounds and props to align with the concept.

Lesson Nine: Product Shoot Two
In part two of the product shoot class, you will learn how to dominate makeup and skincare shoots for individual products, all while using a created filter to nail the perfect image.

Lesson Ten: Industry Insight & Other Tips From Fatma Hilal
Within the final chapter of Fatma’s masterclass, you will get the chance to learn industry insight about photography, engagement and interactions between clients and brands.

Her ten-piece masterclass videos are currently available online, so when you register, you have the luxury of re-watching the videos and move at your own pace – allowing you to grasp the information thoroughly and check back when you have any questions.

The entire masterclass, including the ten-piece videos plus the one-on-one session with Fatma values at Dhs500. For more information visit, fatmahilal.net.