Micro bags have dominated street style and captured our attention on the runway for the past four years. Ever since designer and head of eponymous label Jacquemus launched his Le Chiquito Bag line in 2018, we’ve been spellbound to their playful proportions. This transfixion calcified the following year, with Lizzo’s buzzy red carpet moment for the AMAs, where the singer carried a microscopic Maison Valentino mini bag. Other high-end fashion houses strategically hopped onto the trend in the following two years, shoehorning at least one micro or mini bag into each collection.

Moving into 2022, we’ll start to see the pendulum swing in the opposite direction. Larger purses and oversized sunglasses are phasing in as interest for the Y2K aesthetic, and indie sleaze continues to escalate. Classics like the Balenciaga City Bag (an Olsen Twin favourite), oversized shoulder bags, and doggie carriers for the influx of pandemic pets are in the position to be reintegrated into the mainstream market. Before we start to usher in bottomless bags, we’d like to give an honourable mention to the micro bags that left an impression on us – and our wardrobes – for the past four years.

2018: Jacquemus Chiquito

Instagram @kimkardashian

Always on-trend, Kim Kardashian completed her all-white look with a Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag. Le Chiquito had debuted earlier that year, and captured the attention of many while garnering the brand an ardent following.

2019: Maison Valentino Mini 

Instagram @lizzobeeating

The ridiculous proportions of Maison Valentino’s mini bag were primed for virality. Lizzo’s buzzy moment was made even more special since there are only three of these bags in existence.

2020: L’Afshar Mini Leon Bag

Instagram @lilianafshar

Jessica Kahawaty radiated on a night out while donning L’Afshar’s Mini Leon Bag. The brand’s unique designs are handcrafted in Dubai and have become a fan favourite of it-girls everywhere.

2021: Balenciaga Hourglass Mini and XS Leather Tote

Instagram @ninasandbech

As we move closer to 2022, the mini bags start to grow in size, as evidenced by the XS tote worn here by Nina Sandbech. Balenciaga’s Hourglass mini and XS leather totes are rendered in a sleek silhouette that gives them a perennially cool feel.