French pharmacy and apothecary, Monge, is now available on the Faces online boutique. (Supplied)
If you love French skincare as much as we do, then perhaps you know the availability of our favourite French brands in the Middle East is a little, ahem, dry. Faces understands a desert dweller’s desire for a French skincare oasis in the midst of the GCC beautysphere. Luckily, they have made our wishes come true. French pharmaceutical and apothecary chain, Monge, is now available exclusively on Faces’ online boutique.
Niche skincare brands? We love them. Faces is carrying a total of 10 niche Monge brands. Once ordered, the products ship directly from the Monge Notre Dame store in France. It’s the next best thing to jetting to Paris and shopping in the apothecary yourself. Wondering what to buy? Here are some of our must-haves that will make your skin say, oui oui.

Les Huilettes Mon Huilette Day (Dhs255, Faces) is a vegan anti-aging oil-serum that protects the skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution, dust, and of course, the sun. This oil-serum hybrid is packed with argan oil to soften skin, carrot extract to enhance skin’s natural radiance, and energising citrus extract. This Pharmacie Monge x Faces oil-serum is designed to be applied in the morning.

The Les Huilettes Mon Day Oil energises your complexion in a way only French skincare can. (Instagram @leshuilettes)
Kadalys Hydramuse Thirst-Quenching Eye Mask (Dhs165, Faces) is an ultra-hydrating under-eye mask that awakes tired looking eyes with its moisturising and smoothing ingredients. Kadalys is known for their patented green banana bio-active formula that refines skin’s texture. It also smooths skin and regenerates cells for younger looking skin. This cruelty-free eye mask also contains hyaluronic acid to plump up fine lines and reinforce the skin’s barrier. Strong skin barriers always lead to healthier looking skin. This a-peel-ing (sorry, we had to) banana-science brand has been on our skincare radar for quite some time and we are delighted that it’s part of the Pharmacie Monge x Faces collaboration.
The Kadalys Hydramuse Eye Mask is perfect for tired eyes. (Instagram @kaldays)
Those with sensitive skin, rejoice. Pharmacie Monge x Faces carries Alyscamps Le Soin Perfection Perfecting Skin Care moisturiser (Dhs215, Faces). This moisturiser is made from olives, pistachio, sunflower and almonds and treats skin conditions like irritation, acne, and large pores. This hydrating moisturiser evens skin texture, reduces the appearance of imperfections, and minimises pore size.
Alyscamps Le Soin Perfection is designed for sensitive skin. (Instagram
With so many products from Monge available on Faces, maybe it’s time you romanticise your skincare routine.