I think we can all agree that the best part of any facial or skin treatment is the face massage; there’s something ridiculously relaxing about the process. But good news! At-home massage tools are bigger than ever, allowing you to reduce inflammation and tension in your face from the comfort of your home.

Next time you’re having a stressful day or in need of a massage, powering up one of the latest tools below will be sure to give your skin the extra love, lift and sculpt it needs.

1. Mini Facial Toning Device

Designed with interchangeable treatments, the mini facial toning device is as close as you’ll get to an in-salon treatment. The two rounded probes glide over your skin while working your muscles and resulting in a firmer, more sculptured result.

NUFACE, Trinity® PRO Break The Ice Collection, Dhs1,500, SHOP NOW


2. gua sha

An effective beauty tool used to penetrate, smoothen and lift your skin while leaving the face feeling incredibly radiant afterwards.

SALT BY HENDRIX, Rising Sun Gua Sha,
Dhs175, SHOP NOW


3. rosebud eye treatment

Targeting directly under your eyes, this jade roller will temporarily apply the perfect amount of pressure to relieve any puffiness or bags under your eyes.

ANGELA CAGLIA, Rosebud Eye Treatment Set, Dhs239, SHOP NOW

4. multi-function eye, face & neck tool

A compact multi-functional beauty tool focusing on your neck, eyes and face. By using red light therapy and sonic vibration, this tool will instantly bring your skin back to life by improving any signs of tiredness and ageing.

TROPHY SKIN, BrightenMD Multi-function Eye, Face & Neck Tool, Dhs450, SHOP NOW


5. rose quartz facial roller

Jade rollers have been used to calm any swelling or redness, all while massaging the skin. When paired with your daily moisturizer or serum, it can push the product deeper into your skin for better absorption.

Sephora Collection, Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Dhs140, SHOP NOW


6. gold-plated massage tool

Plated in antibacterial 24kt gold, this unique vibrating facial massager is used to ensure product penetration and boost lymphatic drainage.

Nyganmelloz, 24k Golden T Shape Pulse Facial Massager, Dhs31.90, SHOP NOW


7. LUNA Cleansing Brush

Loved for its deep nourishing cleanse, the Luna will wash away any oil or dead skin cells, all while leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and ready for the rest of your skincare routine.

Foreo, LUNA™ 3 Facial Cleansing Brush, Dhs730, SHOP NOW

8. facial contouring and massage

Take your skincare one step ahead with this unique facial massager. With its studded small black obsidian stones, this tool is used to neutralise any pollution particles that are left lingering on your complexion while boosting and sculpting your cheekbones with visible results.