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Nation-wide celebrations are afoot, with the 51st United Arab Emirates National Day coming up on the 2nd of December. To pay special tribute to the day, we’re highlighting the work of Emirati businesspeople who are adding value to the country with their innovative ideas and ambitions. From Mohamed M. Al Falasi’s revolutionary natural foods company to Sara Altamimi’s stimulating fashion designs, Emirati businessmen and women are breaking ground in various sectors across the nation. Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the top local businesses to watch ahead of the 51st UAE National Day celebration.

Sara Altamimi 

Emirati fashion designer Sara Altamimi founded her namesake brand to bring classic looks in refreshed, bold styles to the mass market in the region. Altamimi’s use of unexpected design details and punchy patterns make her transformative designs stand out and attract the attention of clients and collaborators alike. For her latest collection, Altamimi worked with the Italian fashion brand Serapian, creating a capsule collection that pays homage to the elegance of Emirati women.

Lumen Studio

Discover handcrafted home decor and candles that are made locally in Abu Dhabi at Lumen Studio. From shell trinket dishes to incense holders, each of the unique items from this Emirati-owned brand are responsibly made in small batches using eco-friendly materials.

Shop Lumen Studio’s range of home decor and candles, here.

Bumblebee Food

Bumblebee Food takes the stress out of making sure your baby transitions from formula to solid foods by packaging healthy purées in on-the-go pouches. The company was founded by Qadreya Al Awadhi, an Emirati female entrepreneur, who combined her background in business and culinary skills to create this line of mess-free meals for children. A paediatric nutritionist developed each of the recipes in Bumblebee Food’s range and designed them to be frozen until they’re ready to be served.

Shop Bumblebee Food here.


The renowned Emirati perfumer Mohammed Hilal is one to watch for his fragrance brand Hind Al Oud. The company specialises in creating rich, full-body scents for art and perfume lovers to experience. A significant supporter of the arts, Hilal formulated his newest perfume, “Ahojas,” specifically for the upcoming Abu Dhabi Art Fair (16th -20th November 2022) and will be an official co-sponsor for Abu Dhabi Art Week.


The clean food brand Feels opened in 2020 and has served its customers healthy meals, like delicious salad bowls and fresh pressed juices, ever since. The brand’s Emirati founder, Mohamed M. Al Falasi, developed the concept for Feels because he knows that eating natural foods heightens how you feel. It’s his mission to bring this feel-good healthy food to the UAE, starting with the Feels Juice Bar & Kitchens. Visit one of Mohamed M. Al Falasi’s establishments in Dubai and Mamsha Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi.