Dune London has launched its Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, and the new collection reveal also comes in conjunction with the brand’s 30th birthday, giving us all the more reason to celebrate in style. Yesterday, GRAZIA Middle East and Dune London hosted an eclectic tea-party at The London Project in Bluewaters, because really, what says ‘British’ more than tea and scones? Except we replaced English Breakfasts with exotic curated mocktails, like The Queen of Hearts, and we swapped out the traditional scone for bourgeoisie little delights.

The space was decorated with brand new collection as well as a selection of GRAZIA Middle East print books, where an exclusive list of over 30 VIP guests and influencers were invited to roam around the collection and show off their favourite shoes and accessories. Of course, live entertainment was provided with a saxophonist, and guests were invited to pose in front of Maggy Yazijyan, a fashion and event illustrator, who instantaneously drew every guest and provided them with a printed work of art within seconds.

Below, scroll through our photo gallery to see how we celebrated Dune London’s Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection in style.