As we don’t need to tell you, “sustainability” is a major buzzword right now. But it’s also so, SO much more than that. A recent report from the International Governmental Panel on Climate Change has stated that the impacts of global warming taking temperatures 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways have definitively included – and will continue to cause – shrinking ice sheets, sea temperature rising, sea level rising, extreme weather occurrences and acidification of water supplies. According to a recent United Nations report, these changes will be irreversible by as soon as 2040, so it really has never been more urgent that we all take collective responsibility for our impact on the planet. And a very significant amount of that very destructive impact comes courtesy of our conspicuous consumption.

From the environmental carnage caused by how we get around (cars, planes, trains, I’m looking at you) to the clothes we buy, wear once and potentially chuck away; humans really do have a knack for screwing with nature. Thankfully the possibilities to cut down our carbon footprint have dramatically increased. More people than ever are driving hybrids, and “sustainable fashion” is no longer associated with hemp and hideousness. Quite the opposite. The likes of Stella McCartney and All Things Mochi have made it trés à la mode to shop sustainably. But what of the stuff we have in our homes? Are those new throws effectively killing penguins and increasing drought, flood or hurricane risk? Probably, yes. But they don’t have to be.

Increasingly homeware brands are following in fashion’s footsteps and going green. One local label that particularly stands out is Home and Soul furniture.

The Dubai based boutique recently announced that they will be adopting the ‘a healthy home, a healthy planet’ ideology and implementing this into their business.

Inspired by Dubai’s 2020 vision of Sustainable Development, Home and Soul has scoured the globe to source a variety of environmentally-friendly pieces which incorporate ethically-sourced materials, all of which are now available in their store on Al Wasl Road. From stools to rugs, the collections boast of materials like rattan and bamboo from eco-conscious furniture manufacturers.

Here is just a handful of our favourites:

Cannes Console, Dhs2.900

The Cannes Console is created using a resin top with legs made of teak wood, one of the most sustainable hard surfaces around. The structure is minimal but makes a bold statement in any room.

Rectangular Rug, Dhs1.500

A finely woven rug that works as a textured accent piece, made entirely from seagrass and recycled plastics.

Hanoi Pendant Light, Dhs400

Ethereal and ambient, this lanterns is 100% made of bamboo materials.

Eva Bar Stool, Dhs790

One of Home and Soul’s best selling items is the Eva Bar Stool which hails from their Rattan collection. Rattan is  renewable palm that grows in tropical regions around the world.

mages: Instagram & Supplied