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Known for their bold colourways, unique designs and graphic detailing, Spanish brand Desigual has joined forces with Colombian designer Esteban Cortázar for a one-of-a-kind summer capsule collection.

It is the first joint project between the two, who have created “Cada día es para Siempre”, which translates to ‘Every day is forever’ in English. The collection is inspired by Cortázar’s childhood and cultural impact in Miami during the 90s – when Gianni Versace was roaming the streets and making Miami the forefront of fashion.

Instagram @desigual

While the garments themselves symbolize Esteban’s youth, the collection offers a mixture of versatile denim, sorts, matching trousers and minidresses, blending in the iconic South Beach landmark, which was portrayed through Andy Sweet and Esteban’s father’s photography, Valentino Cortázar.

You’ll find pieces for everyone within the collection, from party looks to casual wear and everyday denim – the options are endless. The designer worked with his father, artist Valentino Cortázar, embracing his dad’s “El Beso” painting throughout the collection and paying tribute to one of the most iconic photographers, Andy Sweet. The dynamic-due, Cortázar and Sweet, dug into old archives to recreate iconic moments, that when walking by today, would have the same effect as the 90s.

Instagram @desigual

Esteban shares, “Valentino Cortázar, artist, is my father and my greatest inspiration together with my mother. His love for color, for women, for life and for the joy of living is the guiding thread of his work. I decided to work with him for this collection with a piece that celebrates one of the most recurring themes in his work: ‘El Beso’, which he painted in South Beach back in the day. The collection also pays tribute to iconic photographer Andy Sweet. We create a patchwork with his images taken in South Beach in the seventies, before the turmoil and craziness of the nineties, when retirees, the area’s true trailblazers, arrived from all over the world with their eccentric looks to enjoy the Flori- da sun. Plus images of the iconic Leslie and Surf- comber hotels, timeless beach moments and art deco architecture. The idea of mixing these two themes and turning the collection itself into a patchwork seemed very fitting and a true snaps- hot of what Miami was like at the time.”

The Desigua x Esteban Cortazar collaboration is available within selected stores in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar – find the store list below.

Dubai: Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Mirdif City Centre, Dubai Marina Mall
Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, The Galleria Al Maryah Island, Yas Mall
Qatar: Doha Festival City, Villaggio Mall