A fave pastime of ours is spotting and uncovering the season’s best beauty secrets via deliciously binge-worthy shows, and last month saw the well-anticipated release of Emily in Paris season three – a bona fide treasure trove of fashion and beauty inspo. Every mesmerising look sent the internet into a spin over each carefully curated detail (The skin! The moody lips! The bangs!) making it the perfect target for what we’ve coined as “beauty spotting”. The biggest spot that’s causing a stir? The CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, which retails at Dhs1,262, and makes its grand entrance within the very first few minutes of episode one.

A woman looks into the mirror wearing the Currentbody LED Light Therapy Mask, as seen in Emily in Paris.
The CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, as seen in Emily in Paris season three on Netflix (Instagram: @currentbody)

What is the Currentbody SKIN LED Light Therapy mask?

Fast becoming a household name, the futuristic-looking skin tool balances two light-emitting diode wavelengths (infrared and red) to target tone, texture, firmness, fine lines, blemishes and tightness. Light therapy is completely non-invasive, and it stimulates cell renewal and boosts circulation, which in turn boosts collagen production and reduces redness. It’s also effective on all skin tones and types, and gives salon-like results from your own home. The fact that it’s made with lightweight and flexible silicone (a pioneering approach that sets it apart from its solid, plastic-like counterparts), means it’s ultra-comfortable on skin, and the light can penetrate every inch of your face.

Why do I want it?

The speed at which you produce collagen and replicate cells declines as you age, and environmental factors like sun exposure, poor diet and smoking can make this process even worse. LED light therapy is proven to help combat this.

“Taking care of skin is my number one priority before make-up,” says Emily in Paris make-up artist Aurélie Payen (who also boasts a huge celebrity clientele ­– think Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Emily Ratajkowski), who likes to use the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask on her actors before they go on set – “It works, I love it!”.

Perfectly undone beauty defines the quintessential French girl aesthetic, which is what makes skin prep so important. This mask isn’t just loved by Emily Cooper though, it’s loved by the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Rennée Zelweger too. Suki Waterhouse even says it’s “the product that has saved [her] skin”.

How do I use it?

Five times a week, simply apply the mask to cleansed and exfoliated skin for 10 minutes.

Where can I get it?

CurrentBody, Skin LED Light Therapy Mask, Dhs1,261, SHOP NOW

Get it at CurrentBody for Dhs1,262.