Netflix has unveiled its upcoming movie and first Arab film under its wing, Perfect Strangers. The film is based on the widely-acclaimed Italian film with Perfect Strangers joining the slate of 18 remakes developed from the original hit. The announcement follows Netflix’s growing recognition of Middle Eastern talent with its reality series The Fastest, Finding Ola, Takki, and so much more.

The pivotal characters will be played by stellar Pan-Arab stars Nadine Labaki, Mona Zaki, and Eyad Nassar to Georges Khabbaz, Adel Karam, Fouad Yammine and Diamand Abou Abboud, with Wissam Smayra making his directorial debut in the film.

Perfect Strangers
Courtesy of Netflix

With the need for security increasing by the day, Netflix’s first Arab film revolves around a group of seven friends who play a game during their reunion. The game encompasses all of them sharing every call, text and voice message with each other and that’s where things start to go downhill for them. The movie unfolds every hidden secret and lies they’ve kept from each other after all these years. Are they really the tight-knit friendship group or will they be far from it?

Courtesy of Netflix

The soon-to-release movie is set to premiere across 190 countries on 20th January 2022 and is produced by Dubai-based Front Row Filmed Entertainment, Mohamed Hefzy-founded Film Clinic, Empire Entertainment and Yalla Yalla. This is Front Row’s first of many films as part of a first-look deal signed with Netflix – history in the making with the Middle East quickly carving a name for itself on the global streaming platform.