Celestial jewellery is a trend that is here to stay, and due to its high demand, various jewellery brands have taken it upon themselves to create their very own celestial-inspired collections and designs. Wearing celestial inspired jewellery, whether it is a crescent moon, star or an entire constellation, may have started as a trend born from fortune-tellers or astrologists, but there is a reason that it has trickled up to fine jewellery brands and is being catered to the masses too. Some even believe that wearing celestial-inspired jewellery can harness the power of the universe to help you manifest your desires. Whether you believe it too, or you just want to rock a fine piece of jewellery, here is a list of our favourite celestial inspired jewellery pieces to bring out your inner spirituality (and have you looking good while doing so).

Qamar Tin Cup Necklace In 18K Yellow Gold, With Lapiz Lazuli And Diamonds by Damas

Celestial inspired jewellery
Qamar Tin Cup Necklace In 18K Yellow Gold, With Lapiz Lazuli And Diamonds by Damas, Dhs14,950, SHOP NOW.

This celestial jewellery piece is made out of 18K yellow gold and its design features three diamond-encrusted moons that stand as a symbol of new beginnings, hope and optimism. This necklace is so versatile and can be worn on its own, paired with the matching A Celestial Wonder collection, or stacked.

Crescent Moon Beaded Ring by Pandora

Celestial inspired jewellery
Crescent Moon Beaded Ring, Dhs225, SHOP NOW.

This Crescent Moon ring in sterling silver features a zirconia-encrusted Crescent moon attached by a beaded band. This celestial piece stands as a symbol of spirituality, mysticism and power that you can take with you everywhere you go.


Celestial inspired jewellery
Celestial Lapis Necklace Stack in Yellow Gold Vermeil by Astley Clarke, Dhs1,450, SHOP NOW.

The Celestial Lapis Necklace Stack is the perfect layering piece for any outfit that conveniently comes in a set of three, combining two trends into one: stacking necklaces and celestial inspiration. The design includes a choker with white sapphire-encrusted stars, followed by a Stilla Droplet necklace with blue lapis lazuli, and a long single pendant necklace with encrusted diamonds.

Stellar Bracelet by Preekas

Celestial inspired jewellery
Stellar Bracelet by Preekas, Dhs15,700, SHOP NOW.

The Stellar bracelet is made out of 18k gold with diamond-encrusted stars on the outside. On the inside, the handcuff-style bracelet has moons, stars, and triangles engraved for a more celestial feel.

Classic Crystal Star Earring by Oscar De La Renta

Celestial inspired jewellery
Classic Crystal Star Earring, Dhs1,505, SHOP NOW.

These stardust-shaped drop earrings are a glamorous addition that will add a little sparkle to any outfit. The design consists of two gold six-pointed stars stacked on top of each other and encrusted with crystals for an even more dramatic effect.

My Very Own Amulet by Leia K.

Celestial inspired jewellery
My Very Own Amulet by Leia K., Dhs3,490, SHOP NOW.

With ‘My Very Own Amulet,’ You can customise an amulet that best embodies yourself or the person you are gifting the necklace to. You have the option to choose a zodiac sign, a lucky charm with a diamond, or 3-5 mini lucky charms to create a unique gift.

Symbolic Bracelet by Swarovski

Celestial inspired jewellery
Symbolic Bracelet by Swarovski, Dhs495, SHOP NOW.

This rose-gold, crystal-encrusted bracelet contains five charms which include an infinity sign, a sun, an evil eye, a blue gemstone, and a horseshoe. This is a symbolic piece of jewellery that looks luxurious and is meant to give you comfort and luck while looking stylish.