Over the past few days, serious allegations against the mortality police in Iran were brought up, after the 22-year-old Kurdish woman from Saqez passed away in the hospital on Friday. When she was detained by police in Tehran, they claimed she had violated the legislation requiring women to cover their hair with a scarf, as Iranian authorities had enforced a strict dress code requiring all women to cover their faces and bodies in public.

Many women have been leading catalysts for change by starting “White Wednesdays” and “Girls Of Revolution Street” movements, where the women of Iran publicly take their hijabs off to prove that Muslim women should be entitled to making their own decisions with what they wear. As part of this monumental movement, we have gathered five educational and inspiring books to read to educate yourself on hijabi women, in hopes of shining a light on a movement that needs to be read about.


Does My Head Look Big In This?, Dhs55, SHOP NOW

The author, Randa Abdel-Fattah’s novel ‘Does My Head Look Big In This?’ discusses the pressure that young girls have when it comes to wearing the hijab. The narrative follows a teenage girl who feels immense pressure from her loved ones as she decides to wear the hijab full-time. She sticks with her beliefs and morals and decides to wear the it with pride, even though she gets tormented by her classmates. This story is funny and heartwarming, an award-winning novel you don’t want to miss out on.

Hands Off Our Hijab: Muslim Women Putting Liberal Hypocrisy On Trial

Hands Off Our Hijab: Muslim Women Putting Liberal Hypocrisy On Trial, Dhs40, SHOP NOW

This is a must-read book that considers the trials and tribulations that young Iranian woman face when it comes to wearing a hijab, after France banned women under the age of 18 from wearing the hijab in public. The talented female author Farhat Amin decided to battle the questions of ”why do non-Muslims politicians and governments hate our hijab?” and “how can Muslims individually and collectively support the challenges sisters are facing?” This book is an advocate for change and will educate those who want to understand the constant struggles of what Muslim women go through in their daily lives.

Proud: Living My American Dream

Proud: Living My American Dream, Dhs70, SHOP NOW

This read is the definition of ‘hard work pays off,’ through this monumental and gripping narrative. The author, Ibtihaj Muhammad who is a New York Times bestseller, writes about her experience competing in the Olympics being the first American to wear a hijab, and making history by winning a medal. Being one of a kind, she was the first Muslim American to do so as she rose above the negative comments and setbacks and succeeded, despite being told she would fail. Feel motivated by the inspirational story of Ibtihaj Muhammad, a woman who has become a symbolic hero in the eyes of many.

Unruly Women: Race, Neocolonialism, and the Hijab

Unruly Women: Race, Neocolonialism, and the Hijab, Dhs121, SHOP NOW

This critical narrative tells the stories of Muslims and women of colour in the US are expected to act in a certain way if they choose to wear a hijab. Despite there being no laws in the US when it comes to the hijab, those who choose to wear it still feel immense discrimination from societies in the US.

THE Face Behind THE Veil

The Face Behind The Veil, Dhs59, SHOP NOW

The journalist Donna Gehrke-White captures the moving and captivating lives of Muslim women in the US. This book is told through the voices of many inspirational women from their deepest and darkest times, to their most uplifting moments living with a hijab.