The new year is just around the corner, which means it’s time to work on those resolutions again. If you’re one of those people with a five hour plus screen-time, there’s a high chance one of your resolutions include reducing it. A great alternative to all the mindless scrolling is picking up a book, and if you’re not into fiction there are loads of great alternatives that cater to different personas and interests whether it be about art, fashion, self improvement or something niche like the vast topic of flora and fauna. Keep scrolling for a round up of books we can’t wait to dive into after all the NYE festivities come to a halt.

OUR FAIR LADY:Audrey Hepburn’s Life in Pictures

Who doesn’t love the Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn, her iconic fashion moments, haircut and flawless makeup remain an emblem for classic beauty even after all these decades. The book by author Chiara Pasqualetti encompasses an array of intimate moments of Hepburn’s life and ‘photos of her at home with family, with fellow co-stars, and candid shots throughout her career,’ along with several sketches of her dress by Edith Head. Get yours now if you’re looking to upgrade your coffee-book collection for the new year or looking for a gift for the fashionable friend.

OUR FAIR LADY Audrey Hepburn’s Life in Pictures, Dhs150 SHOP NOW

The book of moods

Just like the title suggests ‘The Book of Moods’ is a collection of author, Lauren Martin’s thoughts and feelings over the years paired with a lot of psychology to not only provide coping mechanisms but to encourage readers to embrace their feelings of jealously, defeat, depression and more. If you’re looking to gain an insight into behavioural psychology and very human moments and feelings we have all incurred at some point you should definitely give it a read.

THE BOOK OF MOODS by Lauren Martin, Dhs 74 SHOP NOW

CHANEL The Impossible Collection

Calling all the fashion fiends, if you love sporting Chanel you will love this book. The Impossible Collection, encompasses Coco Chanel’s story highlighting how she pioneered herself as one of the fashion icons curating clothing that defied norms, along with Karl Lagerfeld’s creations that allowed the brand to seamlessly fit-in with the contemporary world without losing it’s signature style.

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Before the Coffee Gets Cold

‘Before the Coffee Gets Cold’ features a cosy cafe in Japan that allows customers to time travel with only one condition, which is to return before their cup of coffee gets cold and the rest follows. For those craving a little escapism, this book will be the perfect way to start of your year as the gripping story-line will force you to self reflect regarding what you prioritise in life and how far you would go for those you love.

BEFORE THE COFFEE GETS COLD by Toshikazu Kawaguchi, Dhs 70 SHOP NOW

The Short Story of Modern Art

For the art lovers, start of the new year by brushing up on your modern art knowledge. This book is very educational as it includes history about revolutionary artists like Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol and more, paired with striking visuals which makes it an ideal book for those stuck in a creative rut.


how to go through what you go through

Another one for those who want to really start off the year working on themselves. This book is written by two therapists, Jodle Carlss and Chance Marshall with varying tools to educate everyone on how to cope with their emotions. The authors highlight their concept of  ‘mental maintenance’ which magnifies the importance of our habits and attitudes along with ways to navigate life when it gets too hard, which makes it an ideal read to start of the year with, by not only taking care of the body but the mind too.

HOW TO GO THROUGH WHAT YOU GO THROUGH by Jodle Carlss and Chance Marshall , Dhs 80 SHOP NOW 


This is the quintessential ‘fashion book’ for those who want to divulge into the history of fashion and the influential Battle of Versailles where renowned American and French designers competed against each other and the Americans triumphed over the French designers choosing African American models to showcase their gorgeous creations. The night forever changed the grand scheme of fashion, and specially American fashion as we now experience in the contemporary world.