NEW YORK, NEW YORK – FEBRUARY 12: Blake Lively attends the Michael Kors FW20 Runway Show on February 12, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Michael Kors)

As we well know, 2020 changed everything – even for celebrities, albeit to a significantly lesser extent that was well-cushioned by wealth. Hollywood went into hibernation for the better part of the year, clearing the calendar of the usual commitments and leaving celebrities to their own devices when it came to their appearance. And just like the rest of us, long periods spent in self-isolation didn’t exactly inspire the same fervour we once had for maintaining a glossy exterior.

Blake Lively, for one, is a woman who has likely spent the better part of her career in the hair and makeup chair. Whether she was prepping on set for an upcoming scene, or glamming with skin, hair, tanning, makeup and nail teams for a red carpet turn, there wouldn’t have been many instances in recent years where Lively wasn’t primped and preened to the absolute max. In fact, she’s become renowned for her high-octane style.

Which is why her latest Instagram post is all the more refreshing. While we’ve long admired Lively’s amusing Instagram presence, the A Simple Favor star’s very relatable beauty moment might just embody our entire 2020 experience.

Credit: Instagram/@blakelively

‘Get The Look… 2020 Edition,’ Lively jokingly captioned a selfie, which featured her bare complexion and dishevelled locks. She also added a GIF to the image of a dumpster on fire, and if that isn’t the most accurate description of this shambolic year, we don’t know what is.

And sure, all it would take to get Lively looking her regular flawless self is a little brush of the hair (can’t relate), but leaving your hair to become matted to an irrecoverable degree instead of bothering to care for it is a real 2020 mood.

Glad we can at least still count on Lively to help us find the humour in what has been a truly chaotic 12 months. Now here’s to leave-in conditioner in 2021!