Banyan Tree AlUla, One Bedroom Villa, Courtesy of Banyan Tree AlUla

As the weather cools down and you look for outdoor excursions, Saudi Arabia’s AlUla is the perfect escape from reality. Tucked away in the magical dunes of AlUla, is the newly opened Banyan Tree resort. Inspired by the serene Ashar Valley that surrounds it, the all-villa resort invites guests to fully immerse themselves in the tranquil and mystical desert of AUla, following a three-concept philosophy of “in-villa, in-valley and en-voyage.”

Rock Pool, Courtesy of Banyan Tree AlUla

Saudi Arabia’s very first UNESCO World Heritage site is a marvel for all your senses, from the extraordinary rock formations to the quiet stillness that surrounds it, and the Banyan Tree resort has made sure to keep the beauty of the desert in mind with their curated experience. Indulge yourself with the luxury you deserve by experiencing all that Banyan Tree has to offer, including custom massages in a cave, fine dining, sound baths under the stars and more adventurous excursions.

Banyan Tree AlUla, Three Bedroom Villa, Courtesy of Banyan Tree AlUla

Originally spanning 30 properties across 12 countries around the world, Banyan Tree has chosen the wonders of AlUla for their next destination, as a ‘protected eco-tourism destination.’ The resort also draws in influences from Bedouin and Nabataean culture and heritage, to fully appreciate the history of the location.

During your stay at Banyan Tree AlUla, you’ll be able to visit the historical site of Hegra, the world’s largest mirrored building, Maraya, as well as enjoy several adventurous excursions, from zip lining to hiking.

Courtesy of Banyan Tree AlUla

You can now fly to AlUla directly from Jeddah, Riyadh, Dubai and Paris. 

For more information or to book a stay at Banyan Tree AlUla, email or call +966 55 184 2203.