Banyan Tree AlUla, Three Bedroom Villa, Image Supplied

With the festive season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to book your next staycation, and why travel across the world only to witness freezing temperatures when you can enjoy the cool weather in a serene desert? We know it’s quite the oxymoron, but there’s no better climate than the Arabian desert in these cool winter months. Don’t be alarmed; we’re not talking about sleeping bags and foraging for food or wood to build your own fire. We’re talking about a 5-star luxury resort where you’ll have your own private villa with a pool, the choice of two fine-dining restaurants to dine at, a luxury spa with bespoke holistic treatments, and excellent customer service that will gladly arrange private excursions and adventures for you to enjoy. All you have to do? Sit back and enjoy a once in a lifetime trip at the Banyan Tree in AlUla, Saudi Arabia.

Banyan Tree AlUla, Destination Dining, Image Supplied

Newly opened, the incredible resort offers one to three bedroom villas with lavish interiors and finishing, designed by Paris-based international architecture and interiors studio, , AW². The modern villas include Arabian-inspired elements as well as a private patio and the option of a private pool, where you can swim near your own fire pit. From the exterior, the villas are roofed with a modern-day canopy tent, as an ode to the heritage of the area. Apart from unwinding in your own private pool, you can also enjoy the astonishing scenery around you at the Banyan Tree Rock Pool; just another picture-perfect Instagrammable spot.

Banyan Tree AlUla, Rock Pool, Image Supplied

There is no doubt that AlUla is the destination of the year, with its mystery and magical atmosphere, it’s become a must-visit spot for tourists to enjoy around the globe, including A-list celebrities. Surrounded by the Ashar Valley, there’s plenty of exciting adventures to embark on and sights to see, including the Hegra Historical District, which takes pride in being Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site; the world’s largest mirrored building, Maraya, and several fun outdoor adventures like zip-lining. With all these adventures ahead of you, it’s guaranteed that there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re planning a family trip, a couple’s trip or a last minute girls’ staycation to enjoy.

Banyan Tree AlUla, Three Bedroom Villa Back Deck, Image Supplied

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