Photo: Pinterest @GenieMania

Without a doubt, jade rollers have been the talk of the beauty industry for quite some time now. It feels like everywhere I turn, I’d see someone posting or talking about this infamous face massager – and I can’t lie, a part of me was sold purely on the fact that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Still, I needed a little more than that to buy into yet another trending beauty product.

Now I know they say that the jade roller can snatch your jawline and miraculously apply skincare products better than your own two hands (which can be hard to believe.) But the curiosity kicked in, and as much as I rolled my eyes to the thought of it, my interests got the best of me, and I needed answers.

What are the benefits of the jade roller?

We know so far that they’re made up of stones, some being jade and others being gemstones like amethyst and rose quartz. The face massaging tool is used for two reasons; the first being to simply sculpt, boost circulation, and reduce puffiness, as well as helping your skin penetrate products better, and two being a healer and a source of removing negative energy. I’m personally leaning towards the first option, as I’m not tapped into the world of stones, but many people see it differently.

How do you use a jade roller?

One way is by gliding it on your bare skin without using any product. The other is applying it to your dry skin; after using your daily moisturizer, toner, or serum and gliding the jade roller overtop the product, allowing the formula to cleanse your skin deeply.

When using the jade roller, I simply place the wider end of the massaging tool on the centre of my face, usually starting at my jawline and move upwards, then in the same spot going back downwards. I usually go back and forth in the same area between 4-6 times. Then move on to another section of my face, repeat that very same motion of moving upwards and down until I reach my forehead. At first, it can feel uncomfortable – you’ll also wonder if you’re even doing it right but trust me, there is no possible way to do it wrong. 

Pro Tip: Storing your jade roller in the fridge can add coolness to your stones, which can create a soothing feel to your skin after applying.

Do jade rollers actually work?

If I’m completely honest, it took a few tries to get the hang of it, but I’ve slowly picked up on the jade roller, and it’s become a habit after using it continuously every morning over the past two weeks. Now I don’t believe these jade rollers can work magic, but I have felt the benefits of penetrating the skin and seeing my morning puffiness slowly fade away. On the other hand, the contouring part hasn’t kicked in yet, but my hopes are still high. Nonetheless, it feels incredible on my skin, and I would highly recommend it; it’s become a source of relief and relaxation, which I’m loving.

Now since we’re all on the same page, I have rounded up some of the best jade rollers for you to integrate into your skincare routine below.

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