The first couple of months of 2021 have proven that the international film industry shows no signs of slowing down. From the United States to France and Morocco, entries from all over the globe are promising a brand-new slate of drama-filled, romantic and everyday comedies.

Here, the new movie releases, helmed by Arab names, that you can expect to see at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.



Award-winning Israeli director Nadav Lapid will showcase his latest film, the semi-autobiographical “Ahed’s Knee.” The plot is about a filmmaker in the desert fighting against the death of freedom in his country and the loss of his mother.

Let There Be Morning

“Let It Be Morning”, by director Eran Kolirin, bases his plot on Palestinian writer Sayed Kashua’s 2006 novel of the same name, about an Arab village under Israeli blockade.

Casablanca Beats

Photo: IMDb

This film by Moroccan filmmaker Nabil Ayouch takes place in a cultural centre on the outskirts of Casablanca. It gives a voice to the younger generation who find an escape through music.

Black Notebooks

Shlomi Elkabetz will be screening his recent film, “Black Notebooks”, at Cannes Film Festival but has yet to reveal the film’s plot.

a hero

Iranian film director and screenwriter Ashgar Farhadi has received praise over the past years for his international films, which portray intimate and challenging stories of conflicted families. With his return to the silver screen, Farhadi has written and directed his latest release, “A Hero”, which is currently in postproduction and being kept under the radar regarding the film’s plot.

bonne mere

Directed by Tunisian/French actress and film director Hafsia Herzi. This drama film tells the story of housekeeper Nora, whose son was arrested at a gas station due to a robbery. Nora does everything to help him as he remains incarcerated, awaiting trial.