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The Dubai-based initiative, Africa Fashion Week Middle East, hosted a Press Junket event at the end of October at the Innovation Hub in DIFC. The fashion event was exclusive to the press, but we’re equipped with insider information on what the event meant for the participating designers and how the event affects the fashion ecosystem within the Middle East at large.

From discussions on how the industry can move toward a greener future to panels on new fashion technologies,  plenty of big-picture information was dispersed throughout Africa Fashion Week Middle East. There was also an opportunity to look ahead, as details for Africa Fashion Week Middle East’s 2023 event were provided as well. One standout announcement was Africa Fashion Week Middle East’s headway into the metaverse through the virtual platform Semblance World. This groundbreaking endeavour makes it the first-ever African Fashion Week to break into the new digital landscape. Guests also viewed fashion presentations from five designers who showcased at the event: Ade Bakare, Urban Zulu, Mantsho, Kiza Bespoke and Ntombi Couture. Ahead, meet the five designers who are participating in Africa Fashion Week Middle East’s most current fashion event.

Ade Bakare

Ade Bakare is a fashion designer from the United Kingdom whose designs feature eye-catching looks made with punchy patterns. Bakare is no stranger to fashion events and has presented his work before at events like Malabo Fashion Week. Bakare is now going to expand his audience and cast a wide net of onlookers at Africa Fashion Week Middle East this October.

Urban Zulu

Urban Zulu is a South African fashion label showcasing its work at Africa Fashion Week Middle East. The designer is known for their exquisite clothing made with high-energy patterns and experimental silhouettes that will be on display during the fashion event this October.


Mantsho is a world-renowned South African fashion label that has been recognised for its designs, winning the 2019 Haig Club Clubman Disrupter Award Winner and the 2019 GQ Best Dressed Award Winner. The fashion brand is spearheaded by creative talent, Palesa Mokubung, who is the first African designer to collaborate with H&M. Mokubung will present at Africa Fashion Week Middle East this year, displaying her award-winning designs.

Kiza Bespoke

Kiza Bespoke is a Dubai-based fashion brand created by Joe Osawaye. Known for its formalwear, this fashion company will bring its sharp tailoring and excellent craftsmanship skills to the Africa Fashion Week Middle East event this October.

Ntombi Couture

Ntombi Couture is a Dubai-based fashion label residing at DIFC and is known for its ultra-feminine fashion designs. Attendees of Africa Fashion Week Middle East will be able to view the captivating details of the fashion brand’s garments during its presentation.