If I told you that it takes 50 experts to build one of Chanel’s most iconic J12 watches, would you believe me? Well, honey, the facts don’t lie, and boy is Chanel spilling the tea on their experts’ secrets behind their monumental creation from the 20th-century.

While keeping the J12 relevant, with a touch of cool and style, the French luxury house has created a short 12-episode series, showcasing an in-depth look at the never-before-seen intricate detailing and dedication that goes into making these watchmaking icons.

Here are 12 secrets revealed behind the expertise of the J12:

1 – The J12 Has A Dual Nationality
The watches are not only designed in Paris but engineered in none other than Switzerland – taking the best of both worlds.

2 – It Took A Whole Seven Years of Research
220 million, 898 thousand and 664 seconds. That’s the exact amount of time Jacques Helleu had spent researching the J12 before launching it in the 2000s. I mean, that has dedication written all over it, if you ask me.

3 – It Is Constantly Being Reimagined
Even after the first launch, Arnaud Chastaingt continuously would reimagine ideas and innovative concepts for the J12.

4 – The Construction Process Is Way More Intricate Than You Think
Not to be specific, but it takes an exact amount of 500 different 3D views to construct one J12.

5 – The Ultimate Heat-Power
To create their sleek and chic ceramic detailing, experts had to heat the powder at 1300 degrees allowing the ceramic to be seven times more resistant than steel (I mean, who can stop them now.)

6 – It Has A Big Reveal To It
In 2019 the accuracy of the calibre 12.1 was laid down bare by Arnaud Chastanet.

7 – Remember This Number, 191
The Calibre 12.1 is assembled with a total of 191 pieces to complete the J12.

8 – You Can Officially Enjoy 70 Hours of Sleep
The Calibre 12.1 has a power reserve of up to 70 hours!

9 – It Takes A Village To Create A J12
It takes a total of 50 experts on hand to build just one J12.

10 – It’s Water-Resistant
If you’re thinking of taking your J12 for a dip, just know it’ll go as deep as 200 metres which is the total amount of pressure the watch can resist.

11 – It Has A Unique Sound
The sound of the J12 Bezel took hours upon hours to research and customize.

12 – The Ultimate Delivery
Before delivery, each J12 is inspected with Rigour, sealed with care and deliver with love.