When you a wish upon a star, shoe dreams really do come true

Curiouser And Curiouser

A childlike sense of wonder is the spark that sets ablaze the world of a fairy tale. It’s the fire that illuminates within an emerald that glistens like a dewy leaf or the ruby that becomes the beating heart of a rose

The Princess Of Plunder

More than a female counterpart to a caped crusader, Catwoman and her feline energy is triggered with an embellished mini, high-shine leather and a siren eye

Changing Of The Garde

Rules are for the fearful, for the scions of antiquities. Now is the time for the style heretic, whose faith in a neo-nobility, means patents with tulles, quilting with satins, ensembles of the surreal and pieces both utilitarian and esoteric. For it is they who conjure the theatre of the elaborate in deliberate and fastidious detail. They delight in the schism of splintered opinions but they leave doubt and normale in their dust

If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

Have you seen her? Dancing on the solstice? Beckoning the centaurs, leading them through her labyrinth? They say they’ve seen her leaping among the trees, and that she casts no shadow in the fields. They say if you find her, you never return. She will enchant your spirit by the threads of her velvet gowns and the rich wools of her shearling coats. And that you’ll join her masquerade of apparitions, falling powerless, forever, to her super nature

Monster’s Ball

There is a word that talks of our attraction to fear. Frisson. To feel a thrilling shiver. Sometimes even our nightmares can be beautiful. The monster Medusa was once the most beautiful woman in the world until she was punished by a goddess and cursed with snakes as hair. But the snake is an ancient symbol of sensuality and wisdom. And so Medusa became a symbol of something greater than herself – rather than being afraid of the unknown, see the beauty in the darkness. See the light in the shadow. Be at one with your own inner monster that transforms you into something unique, and powerful

Behind the Mask

For its latest print edition, GRAZIA travelled to Venice to honour the annual “Carnevale di Venezia”, a bygone carnival of anonymity. We paid homage to the event’s licentious history with regal lace, cut-outs, capes and corsets. Embellishments, ruffles, leathers and feathers collide in a play on textures for the senses – a renaissance of the festival fare of the past, alongside different types of masks that still feature in modern day revelry; the Columbina (half mask), the Volto (white mask) Medico della Peste (bird-like mask)

Sapphire Shadows

Johnnie Walker’s latest release is delicate, desirable and distinctively sweet.

Sapphire Shadows: Introducing Johnnie Walker’s Limited Edition Scotch Whisky, ‘Ghost & Rare’

Johnnie Walker’s latest release is delicate, desirable and distinctively sweet.

Off With Her Head

Inside the Jean Paul Gaultier headquarters on Rue Saint-Martin in Paris, a surrealist, after-dark play on the iconic designer’s Fall/Winter 2022-23 Haute Couture collab with Olivier Rousteing. See: pin cushion bodices and fantastical feathering

Déjà Vu

It’s with an epiphany of idealism and an enigmatic freedom that we release our grip on the past. It’s a boundless future and a majestic world we sense we know. For Fall 2022, Louis Vuitton honours all that we are, these pure dichotomies, and feathers our nostalgia into a surreal, utopian dreamscape

The Ice Queen

Since its earliest days, Chaumet has been the jewellery of love – and the House’s Liens collection, symbolised by two links which can’t be undone or forgotten, is more colourful and exclusive than ever

A Pocket Full Of Posies

From the garden of Prada, a season cultivated and manicured, a collection both delicate and daring. The meticulous nature of weaving the Maison’s grounded foundations with snips of blooming newness imbues Fall/Winter 2022 with a rich abundance. This is the new feminine – the hardy with the diaphanous, the spectacular with the subtle, the petals with the thorns

The Silent Treatment

It’s what you don’t say. It’s what you can’t hear. The unspoken hypnosis of body language. An inexplicably refined sense of expression. It’s emotion beyond iteration. She manifests an oeuvre of decadence – a Dior Caro bag, a D Renaissance ring, some Idylle slippers – in her graceful spectacle. And without a word she captures the moment, one destined to fascinate long beyond the curtain call

Time Will Tell

In the same way beloved fairy tales have stood the test of time, enter Dior’s new timepieces. From Milanese mesh bracelets, mother of pearl dials and exquisite diamonds, each are a keepsake for the ages

Do You Have Your ID?

Inspired by a treasured family heirloom, Polo Ralph Lauren presents a modern take on timeless sophistication

Shadow Of The Nymph

Shot in studio in Paris and lensed by Umberto Gorra, a fanciful creature wanders the natural world collecting only the most rare and treasurable jewels

In Tokyo, A Peek At Tiffany & Co’s BOTANICA Blue Book Collection

Jessica Bailey joins Tiffany & Co.’s Chief Gemologist and Vice President Victoria Reynolds to discuss the luxury brand’s new high jewellery collection – and the plight of travelling the world in search of the most exquisite diamonds and precious stones

Colour Fusion

Tactile tweed eyeshadow and inky black lashes; Chanel’s latest makeup creations are fit for a queen

Chanel Beauty’s Les 4 Ombres Tweed, Three Ways

Chanel makeup artist Filomena Natoli introduces new neutrals and inky black lashes to our beauty repertoire

Fantastic Beasts

The deadly grace of the panther, the ferocious beauty of the crocodile, the taute elegance of the tiger - the familiar motifs of French Maison Cartier reflect a potent combination of beauty and power

Modern Muse: Meet The Women Who Inspired Cartier’s Most Iconic Creations

The motifs of French Maison Cartier share the similar trait of power, grace and rare joie de vivre - a combination of elements that was matched by the equally powerful and magnetic women throughout history who were muses to many of Cartier's most iconic creations

I Can Show You The World

Photographer Nima Benati and model Chiara Scelsi take a magic carpet ride through the best luxury offerings of the Fall/Winter 2022 season

The Call Of The Lobster

Far from the realms of reality, Surrealism drew poignancy from the mysterious, graphic nature of the subconscious. Here, a dedication to its magnificent madness – and the intrinsic link between art and fashion

Jourdan Dunn

Picture this Parisian mise-en-scène. Perched atop a mirrored table laden with delicate macarons and ornately decorated confections, British supermodel, actress, and activist Jourdan Dunn coquettishly throws a handful of cake at the camera. A giant clock rests against an antique fireplace, keeping a watchful eye over the proceedings, and a super-sized game of chess is in progress on the chequerboard floor. This can only be GRAZIA’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party celebrating the colour, joy and surrealism of season by way of the most fanciful creations the fashion world has imagined, and everyone’s invited...

Meet Your GRAZIA 12 Cover Star Jourdan Dunn

The model, mother, and GRAZIA’s very own Mad Hatter on her pinch-me moments, her post-pandemic purpose, and why her first steps into the acting world didn’t entirely go according to plan