Credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Since her years at Disney Channel, Zendaya has catapulted to stardom. Her latest appearance in Dune has seen the award-winning actress embark on global press tour cementing herself as a bona fide style icon. Can we take a moment for that Rick Owen dress?! It’s hard to believe that Zendaya would experience anything as normal as social media-induced anxiety. But even she succumbs to unhealthy comparisons.

In an interview with People this week, Zendaya admitted to getting overwhelmed by social media (she noted she was a “shy kid”) and shared a little wisdom beyond her years too.

“Being on [social media] would kind of make me anxious, or I would start to overthink a little too much,” Zendaya told the outlet. “[My fans] want me to … be happy and exist beyond social media.”

“Take the time that you need,” she continued, “and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.”

Given her 110 million followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder it can all get a bit much. Selena Gomez has shared her own take on social media in the past and says she has deleted the applications from her phone.

“I don’t have it [social media] on my phone, so there’s no temptation. I suddenly had to learn how to be with myself,” Gomez explained. The artist once was the most followed person on Instagram. She continued, “That was annoying, because in the past, I could spend hours looking at other people’s lives. I would find myself down nearly two years in someone’s feed, and then I’d realise, ‘I don’t even know this person!’”

In addition, New Zealand-based pop singer Lorde admitted she made the “horribly difficult” decision to give up social media. She doesn’t even have Safari or Google on her phone.

“And the first little while of not being on social media was totally like that. I was so crabby,” she said in a recent interview. “I felt so disconnected. But it’s how my life is now.”