Credit: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

Like many of us, Lorde was addicted to her phone. In an interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show (where she wore the baby yellow suit of our dreams) the New Zealand pop icon has revealed she gave up social media to better her mental health, noting it was as addictive as sugar.

“I did it because I felt like my brain wasn’t working very well anymore,” Lorde said. “It was horribly difficult, the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It’s still horribly difficult every day. It would be like stopping eating sugar for me like I still eat tons of sugar. And if I don’t have sugar, I feel insane.”

“And the first little while of not being on social media was totally like that. I was so crabby,” she added. “I felt so disconnected. But it’s how my life is now.”

The “Solar Power” artist noted she deleted Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. To fill the internet void, she instead scrolls through the comments of the New York Times cooking app.

“That’s become a source of community for me,” she said. “You get all these weird little stories. ‘Someone’s like, ‘I make this for my husband when he gets home from work and he does this.’ Every once in a while you get some kind of detail. You’ll find something and you’ll make it into that.”

And to take things to the extreme, the singer doesn’t have Safari or Google on her phone. Even if she does feel an urge to check social media, Lorde revealed her assistant keeps her account passwords.

At just 24-years-old, Lorde is wise beyond her years. Last week in another interview she discussed how she has handled body scrutiny particularly when she was slingshot to fame at 16.

“I had extremely healthy boundaries around it as a teenager,” she told The Irish Times. “There were just things I wasn’t going to do if they weren’t comfortable for me to do. I wore the exact outfits I felt like wearing. I wore suits. I loved suits. I felt powerful in them. The fact that I sort of did it in a way that felt right for me – that meant I don’t look back and feel f****d up by it.”