victoria beckham pyjamas
Credit: Instagram/@victoriabeckham

Victoria Beckham has fronted up to Instagram as she does best – looking insanely stylish in her own designs, whilst also showcasing her innate ability to be consistently, delightfully – perhaps unexpectedly for some, given her infamously aloof public persona – extra.

How so today? By wearing an incredibly chic set of navy and white striped pyjamas, replete with oversized cuffs and red detailing, and employing her signature leg pose – all while sipping from a matching striped mug marked ‘V’. Even her deep crimson manicure coordinates and honestly, colour us impressed.

This time the designer and former Spice Girl was extra with an agenda, however. She had taken to Instagram to promote the pyjamas in question, positioning them as the perfect Christmas gift ahead of the holidays. “Obsessed with this beautiful VVB pyjama set,” she wrote. “For this week only you can get the robe embroidered with your initials too – such a thoughtful gift (or treat to yourself!)”

victoria beckham pjyamas
Credit: Instagram/@victoriabeckham

We actually couldn’t agree more, VB. After the year that’s been, investing in a set of pyjamas that are stylish enough to wear either WFH or out and about sounds like the perfect present. Given that there’s little to indicate that we’ll be heading back to our regular sartorial schedules anytime soon, pyjama dressing provides a simple midway point between style and comfort.

Pyjama dressing also works particularly well for the festive season, when relaxed silhouettes and easy separates reign supreme. So why not consider wearing a polished sleepwear set to your end-of-year engagements?

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites below to get you started, but if you’re still in doubt just think – what would VB do? Thought so.

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