It’s been a big year and we’re tired. Very tired. So while party invites continue to prosper, impromptu weekday drinks became as commonplace as weekend brunch and the call of the wild (outside) beckons, it’s also a time to do nothing. Often the best way to decompress is to idle at home, lazily, sloth-like, and still. And the best – arguably only – way to do this is in pyjamas. Just look at Kim Kardashian, er, lounging about in her humble home during the holidays. Kardashian is the perfect example of what to do this holiday season – without the posing, the pouting, the prancing and the full contour and highlight.

Following the launch of Skim’s Cozy Collection, Kardashian has announced the release of sleepwear. “Me in my @skims pajamas!” she exclaimed on Instagram. Cut in that classic Kardashian body-con, the neutral pyjamas will not doubt follow in the sold-out footsteps of Cozy and her signature Shapewear line, so we won’t be holding our breath for a Skims holiday anytime soon. But we will be taking heed of Kim’s pyjama dressing. Kind of.