Without doubt, the headscarf is the hair accessory of summer. Every top-knot from Bondi to Byron has a strategically placed scarf wrapped, knotted and threaded around its little bun. Every plait is shaking its tail feather with a twilly. Every pretty face wrapped up with a silken knot. But how does one take the trend, and elevate it? With a deftly braided scarf, à la Rozalia Russian at the recent Alfa Romeo Porstea Polo.

Pulled back, low, and expertly braided through a chunky plait, Style Director at Joey Scandizzo Salon, Hermiz Daniel, took a Christian Dior silk scarf and updated it with creative flair. “It was like Roza stepped into a Dior Storm and came out with a scarf tangled chicly in her braid,” Hermiz notes. A chic Dior storm, indeed. Instead of the predictable scarf around the end trend, Hermiz threaded the scarf through the braid, only leaving one splice of hair showing. “My tip is always dare to be different with your scarf! It can be used in so many different ways, but of course it depends on what someone is wearing.”

Forever a barometer of class and elegance, the headscarf has a long history in the world of cinema, fashion and beauty. “The whole scarf-in-the-hair-style is fashionable and timeless, Hermiz agrees. “It’s a very sexy Italian village look mixed in with a French modernness,” and one which has been rehashed for the modern millennial.

A beautifully creative way to update your headscarf, here Hermiz shows us how to get the silk plait.


  1. Start with clean damp hair and add sea salt spray for grip and natural movement (ELEVEN Australia Sea Salt Texture Spray is a good one).
  2. Dry hair off till completely dry, depending on hair type, sometimes you need to use a round brush to smooth out frizz.
  3. Once dry, pull hair to the nape of the neck using your fingers to create a natural look, at this stage a light, flexible hair spray could be used to add hold.
  4. Divide hair into 3 sections as you would start a plat, in the middle section tie the scarf in and start creating your plait. The scarf will end up into two of the three sections. (TIP: Make sure the scarf is covering the hair sections and only one section of the hair is visible!)
  5. Continue platting the hair, then at the end use a very small elastic to secure the plat, and check for final touches.