It’s always around October each year, with all the overexertion and poor habits of the months prior, that our lifestyles begin to catch up with us. We crave a reboot and somewhat of a personal spring clean before the year rounds out. But, this year, thanks to the micro and macro effects of a global pandemic, health stocktaking is more important than ever.

In addition to the physical effects of coping with such an overhaul, an enormous burden has also been placed on our emotional and mental states. Households are under pressure, parents are working while child-rearing, share houses are stacked with everyone working from home and relationships are strained by constant cohabitation. Life in the age of the coronavirus has layered a mountain of new pressures to our already stretched lives. So, it’s become critical we implement a healthy regiment to regain power over our daily wellness.

And it’s this ritualistic sensibility that can help to override problematic roadblocks that can begin to rule your life. By making even small daily changes to things like what you eat and drink, your bedtime routine or how you spend your lunchtime can set you on a path towards a healthier future.

Luckily, Melróse Health and T2 have partnered up to bring you the best natural health products to get you back on track.

Ready to reclaim your wellness path but not sure where to start?
Choose your own adventure with our guide below…


The Situation…
You’re sluggish and tired. Your stomach is bloated and you’ve started to while away the hours between coffee and wine. You Band-Aid slump-o’clock with trips to the pantry for quick snacks. But you brush past the trail mix to get to the chips. Then you notice another Zoom is scheduled for 7pm. There goes plans to make dinner. You click on Uber Eats for the third time this week…

How To Take Back The Power…
Gut health is essential to our overall function. And our time-poor, quick-fix lifestyles can be destructive. “All health truly starts in the gut. You are what you digest and absorb. Having a healthy gut is essential to allow your body maximum access to the nutrients you consume.” says Steph Lowe, founder of The Natural Nutritionist and in-house nutritionist for Melróse Health. Prioritise time each week to meal plan. Stock your kitchen, pantry and handbag with healthy snacks and ingredients, and purge the junk. Get into a routine of taking a prebiotic to enhance good gut bacteria and consider a nutrient-rich booster. Then, before reaching for the vino again, put the kettle on and treat your digestive system to a nourishing tea. You might just be surprised by your increased energy after even one day.

Melróse Health Organic Essential Greens
This overall health support encourages detoxification through multiple vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, iron and folate.

Melróse Health Balanced + Lean
An essential nutrient powder powered by Sicilian orange extract which has been shown to counteract fat accumulation.

Pair with…
T2 The Belly Blend
With ingredients of fermented black tea, cacao, chicory and marshmallow root, this after-dinner tread improves digestion and relieves bloating.



The Situation
You look in the mirror in the morning and another patch of stress bumps have appeared on your chin. Then you notice the dark circles under your eyes have become second only to their increasing puffiness. Radiance is a distant memory as you ponder your skin’s solemn appearance. Even though you religiously cleanse morning and night, your skin is just not as happy as it should be.

How To Take Back The Power
Addressing what we ingest is primary to promoting skin health and elasticity. We know that collagen levels in our skin decline as we get older, so we need increased water intake, a healthy amount of rest and suitable nutrients to make up for it. And, as above, gut health is the key jumping off point for a healthier appearance. Lowe says “addressing the gut is key for optimal skin health, as any internal imbalance can manifest via the skin. The quick fix offered by treatments and procedures are alluring, however an approach that offers deeper seeded results begins in the gut. By taking care of it, starting with the recommendations above, you may just overcome some of the skin concerns that’ve been plaguing you, but more importantly, you’ll be doing every other ageing part of your body a favour.”

Melróse Health Aloe Vera Juice
A digestive assistant that can also be applied topically, it balances acidic diets and contains skin-soothing properties.

Melróse Health Essential Reds
An essential booster full of red-based superfoods like beetroot powder, Açaí, pomegranate and micro algae. High in antioxidants including astaxanthin, known to promote healthy skin.

Pair with…
T2 The Glowgetter
Crafted to help you thrive from the inside out thanks to its blend of nettle, rose, vanilla and linden.



The Situation
6pm rolls around and you lean back in your (definitely not ergonomic) home office chair after another intense conference call. You realise the sun is setting but you can’t recall what the weather was even like today. You didn’t go outside. Your chest feels like you haven’t taken a deep breath in a week and your anxiety feels a little higher than usual. You long for that day when you can just relax, but it never seems to come. 

How To Take Back The Power
One of the wellness revolutions of the moment centres on breathing. And for good reason. The influence that slow, nose breathing can have over our stress levels is overwhelming. There is a reason ancient practices like Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation all centre around controlling the breath. “Breathing techniques are incredible for our nervous system health, promoting the parasympathetic, or ‘rest and digest’. This is an essential health strategy as too often we are sympathetic dominant, which is our ‘fight or flight’ or stress response. Stress is connected to so many health conditions including fat loss resistance, inflammation, thyroid disorders, adrenal dysfunction and high blood pressure, so creating a healthy stress balance is key.” says Lowe. Make rest and moments of stillness a priority, even when your schedule is relentless.

Melróse Health MCT Oil Original
This specially formulated oil is a great caffeine replacement. Which means plenty of energy for the afternoon without affecting your sleep.

Melróse Health Organic Essential Greens
This overall health support encourages detoxification through multiple vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, iron and folate.

Pair with…
T2 The Dreamer
A rest-inducing blend that consists of rose-hip, lemon balm, sunflower and calendula petals.


For every $99 spent on Melróse Health products at choose a complimentary T2 tea pack. Plus, all orders include a limited edition Melróse Health x T2 tote bag illustrated by acclaimed artist Go Suga.

Melróse Health has been a leader in nutrient boosting and health support in Australia for 41 years. Their range of essential powders and oils are made using the highest quality natural ingredients to promote optimal health and increase productivity. 

T2 has been Australian institution for creative, invigorating tea blends since 1996. And, just like Melróse Health, pride themselves on being positive enablers of ‘me-time’.