Despite myriad designers and styles at the SWIM show, there was one definitive hair message: individuality is key. For a show dedicated to the joys of vacation and the subsequent freedom which ensues, hair, too, was happy and free. There was a bit of everything; tight coils, salty waves, towering top-knots, bouncy curls – even a buzz cut – it was about individuality and rocking what you’ve got.

Of course, there was some loose uniformity to distinguish each designer. At Fella Swim, a sleek ponytail was created with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer great for smoothing strands without damaging the hair with extreme heat – and left with a waxy finish, an ode to the surf and surfboard wax. Each pony was topped with a well-placed turban in peach, rust, sage, ivory and ink.

DUSKII opted for a more lax look; hair was softly spritzed with sea salt spray and dried off with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Diffuser attachment. Loose and almost amorphous, it was the ultimate beach girl hair. Whilst other models in the DUSKII brigade had gently swept top-knots, slightly imperfect and full of fluffy fly-aways. It was a chic, yet relaxed take on summer hair dressing.

At Pam Pam, natural texture was amped with big ’90s waves bouncing down the runway. A big blow-out care of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer created the perfect base for bold curls; it was for the girl – or Glamazon – who waded by the water’s edge, careful not to go in too deep in fear of spoiling her perfect strands.

And at Camp Cove, individuality was truly championed – a bespoke individual look was created for each model, working with their unique texture. There was a bleached-out buzz cut, pastel lavender locks, curly whirly coils, shaggy mullets, a beautifully bouncy Afro – it was a true celebration of identity and self, told through hair.

Naturally inspired looks to dive into – summer, or not. Embrace your cow lick, curl or kink with pride. Being you rules.