Model Stella Maxwell has taken the humble silver alligator clip – usually resigned to holding hair in place backstage – and turned it into a major hair moment in Cannes.

Against side-swept blonde waves, a handful of large alligator clips – or duck bill clips, thanks to their beak-like clasp – were artfully affixed at different points of Maxwell’s hair. Some faced inwards, some faced outwards. One sat just below eye level, the other at the ends. Then there was the solitary back clasp which secured the other side of her hair. Like a lone ranger, it sat loud and proud on its own. And the cumulative effect? One big clip party which garnered more than a few double takes from curious onlookers.

But it wasn’t so much the placement nor the volume of clips that sparked attention, rather, the type of hair clip. A clip which typically serves a very functional purpose – to section off hair – its glamorous makeover was a most unexpected one and one we’re not entirely sure about. On Stella, it works (kind of). On me? I think I’d be met with a prompt: “Um, did you forget to take our clips while getting ready, doll?” Inventive, yes. Original, sure. But in terms of execution, it does look a little odd. I’ll be sticking to cute pearl clips and jewelled barrettes and reserving those sectioning clips for a hot date at the hairdresser.