Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone in France in 1991. Credit: PAT/ARNAL/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

In her new memoir, Sharon Stone says she underwent breast enlargement surgery against her will.

The Casino star detailed in her book The Beauty of Living Twice how, in 2001, she underwent surgery to have multiple breast tumours removed. While she was under anaesthesia, the surgeon allegedly made a decision to augment the size of her breasts by a full cup size, without her knowledge or prior consent. She recalls the doctor saying to her afterwards that “they go better with your hip size.”

“He thought that I would look better with bigger ‘better’ boobs,” she adds.

Unfortunately, Stone is no stranger to having men in ‘professional’ standings take advantage of her body. In her 1992 break out role in Basic Instinct, she became infamous for a racy scene that diverted much of the attention away from her stellar performance. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Stone claims she was told that the white of her underwear was reflecting the light into the camera when she crossed her legs. She was asked to remove her underwear and was assured that despite the camera angle, her body wouldn’t be exposed. Stone says she realised she was “tricked” upon seeing the scene on the release of the film.

Through the years, Stone admits there have been varying opinions on this controversy “but since I’m the one with the vagina in question,” she says “the other points of view are bulls***. It was me and my parts up there.”

The actress is also a survivor of childhood sexual abuse which occurred at the hand of her grandfather. In her memoir, she details the ‘bizarre satisfaction’ she felt seeing him in the open casket at his funeral.

Stone also suffered a serious stroke and bleeding of the brain in 2001 which she was lucky to survive. Though she was given a one percent chance of survival she defied the odds and was saved after a seven-hour long surgery. It was during this turmoil that she described her ‘white light’ experience, in which three deceased friends appeared to her and encouraged her to keep fighting. This moment led her to pursue new meaning in her life through Buddhism.

“It’s amazing how much one learns when one has to. I became ‘Miss Peace and F**king Quiet,’ a title that I prize much higher than a Miss Crawford County pageant title.”