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For two tiny strips of hair that account for barely any real estate on your face, eyebrows have major pull. No matter if you’re in the full coverage camp or a nude make-up pioneer, your eyebrows are the frame that hold your face together and chances are there’s at least one brow product on high rotation in your beauty bag right now. However, there are still some faux pas that might be letting down your brow game, throwing off your make-up potentially aging your appearance in the process. We asked Benefit’s National Brow artist Hannah Terrett for her top eyebrow tips, biggest brow mistakes to avoid and how to get better arches asap.

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The brow blunder: don’t go too thin
“When brows are too thin they over emphasise the brow bone leaving the eye area looking heavy which can instantly enhance your age,” says Terrett.
The fix:
“Hold onto as much growth as you can naturally. Tint every 2-3 weeks to hold onto the vellus hairs and use products to enhance the volume and thickness.”

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The brow blunder: don’t go too dark
“The colour of the brows is crucial to keeping your overall appearance soft and youthful,” says Terrett, who stresses that darker still doesn’t always mean better. “When brows are too dark they add weight to the eye area, closing the eyes in.”
The fix:
“Opt for a brow tone that warms the complexion such as chestnut, honey or caramel brow tones as this will warm the complexion allowing your brows to be the frame and not the feature of the face

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The brow blunder: don’t over-arch 

“As we age the skin loses its elasticity and plumpness,” says Terrett. “The harder the edges of the brow the more they over pronounce the bone structure of the face – such as the brow bone, bridge of the nose and jawline – drawing focus away from the overall look.”
The fix:
“Avoid over extending your arch point from the mid section, keep your peak points rounded on top, as the sharper the brow the more severe the overall appearance.”

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