Credit: Instagram @PatrickTa

The humble mascara is also one of the oldest make-up products on record. In fact, the lash love movement dates all the way back to 3400-30 B.C. when Cleopatra and her pals were known to use bone and ivory to apply blended kohl and crocodile dung around their eyes for added definition. Thankfully mascaras have been dung-free for centuries, but the quest for longer, darker and more volumous lashes hasn’t waned a bit. Still, there are simple ways to get even more out of your mascara and in turn your natural lashes, which you’ve probably been skipping until now. Here are our top three mascara moves to get you one step closer to a fuller flutter.

Credit: Instagram @PatrickTa

First, move from side to side
Rather than swiping your wand up from the root, hold the wand horizontally right at the base of your lashes and shimmy it from side to side, as you fan your lashes up and out. The zig-zag motion helps separate lashes and distribute product evenly from root to tip.

Next, hold and set
If you’re after a winged out, feline effect, use your wand to set the outer lashes into that shape while the mascara dries. Next move into the middle and hold the centre lashes straight up, before nudging the inner corners towards the bridge of your nose.

And don’t forget, never pump it
Pumping that mascara wand in and out of the tube will only let more air in, drying out the product faster. Get more out of that expensive mascara by swirling the brush in the tube to gather more product. Below, four new mascaras to put these plays into practice. Lash out, people.

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