Credit: Instagram @rachel_goodwin@hungvanngo@lancomeofficial

If there’s one traditionally risky make-up look that has successfully transitioned to a fully-fledged must-try trend, it has to be pink eye shadow. Last year’s runways and red carpets were consistently scattered with rosy eyes, and the pink-lid mentality is showing no signs of slowing down. However, if you’re not quite prepared to commit to the look quite yet, you can still try out the trend with something you likely already have in your make-up bag: blush. Lily Collins’ makeup artist, Fiona Stiles, revealed to her Instagram followers that she used a combination of lip liner and blush to create that scene-stealing beauty look at last month’s Golden Globe Awards.

Credit: Instagram @fionastiles

“I really wanted a dusty pink eye that would complement her dress, but I know how hard it is to get eye shadow that shade to show up, even if you wet the formula,” she said. “So instead I used a lip liner from Lancôme that was a perfect dusty mauve….I used a lip brush to apply it and create the shape, and then dusted on a mauve-y blush over the liner to brighten up the color a bit. Then I used the same blush on her cheeks to tie it all together…..I love it when you use whatever it takes to make the look. It’s the best part about being a makeup artist!”

Sadly, ‘Aplum,’ the Lancôme Blush Subtil shade that Stiles swept across Lily’s lids on the night isn’t available in Australia, however you can substitute with the equally beautiful Figue Espiègle. Or, if like us you believe the pink-lids trend has legs, the cult Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow palette has just hit Mecca stores, so snap one up before it surely sells out. Until next time, think pink.

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