Former Victoria’s Secret model, Miranda Kerr, has always been known for her aspirational wellness routine. Her self-care rituals (from burning sage, her Kora Organic-fulled skincare routine and de-stressing breathing techniques) can be attributed to her stunning complexion. Now, we know exactly how she cleanses her body from the inside.

Taking to Instagram at the weekend it appears we’re not the only ones wanting to know her beauty secrets. “Everyone’s been asking me what’s in my @medicalmedium morning smoothie so I had to share with you all💖🍌💖 #selfcaresunday,” she wrote.

For those unacquainted, Medical Medium is an author and podcaster who promotes natural treatments to chronic conditions as well the celery juice movement. “Another thing that I really, really love is the [Medical Medium] celery juice,” Kerr told GRAZIA in the past. “His way of eating has completely transformed my health to a whole other level. I really, really believe that the celery juice has helped so much with my digestion, as it’s such a good anti-inflammatory. It supports kidney function, it’s alkalising and full of electrolytes. My body craves it now, and even my husband loves it.”

Kerr’s morning smoothie is made up of some usual breakfast staples; bananas, frozen berries and orange juice. But in a real health kick it also features cilantro (also known as coriander) which according to Wellbeing is packed with vitamins, anti-bacterial properties and can detox the body of heavy metals, barely grass powder which can help balance blood sugar and Atlantic Dulse, a red seaweed which is an excellent source of plant protein.

Now I know what you’re thinking. The smoothie is black. It’s not exactly the most appetising colour but if it’s good enough for the model, we’ll give it a try. More celebrity-approved smoothies include Cindy Crawford’s green concoction and Reese Witherspoon’s huge smoothie iteration (it includes a whole pear, apple and banana).

If like us you love to add a few beauty benefits in there too, may we suggest our favourite brands Vida Glow, Wanderlust, Edible Beauty and The Beauty Chef. Just to name a few.