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Before I fell in love with ingestible beauty, my biggest gripe was always the convenience factor. As a beauty editor I was always surrounded by new supplements but still struggled to remember to take them. When I’ve been really busy, going to the office kitchen to fill up my water bottle would often fall by the wayside, let alone taking the time to add in a beauty powder.

It became easier when I started working from home (as I’m sure it did for a lot of people if we’re using the booming ingestible beauty market as a measurement) but now Vida Glow has officially eliminated any and all excuses by creating a dissolvable powder that can be taken on the tongue. The brand has just launched a delicious new flavour in the Anti-G-Ox range, so GRAZIA took the opportunity to sit down with founder Anna Lahey to discuss Vida Glow’s latest innovation and all things ingestible beauty.

GRAZIA: Why did you create the Anti-G-Ox line?

Anna Lahey: At Vida Glow, everything we create is designed to support busy, active lives. We know the demands of modern life can have a negative impact on skin that results in accelerated ageing. From environmental pollution and stress to sun and poor diets, these external factors trigger damage to skin on a cellular level, where topical skincare can’t reach. We created Anti-G-Ox to target the root causes of ageing, so that skin is healthy and resilient, and can withstand the impact of everyday life.

GRAZIA: What are the benefits of Anti-G-Ox Berry?

AL: Anti-G-Ox works by delivering anti-inflammatory, ani-glycant and antioxidant ingredients below the surface to prevent the formation of inflammation, advanced glycation end products (also known as AGEs) and oxidative stress. These are root causes of premature ageing and are triggered in the body by environmental stressors. If left unaddressed, inflammation, AGEs and oxidative stress can cause skin dullness, puffiness, blemishes, and a sallow complexion.

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I want people to have choice in their routine, so we created Anti-G-Ox in a new red berry flavour. Anti-G-Ox is our multi-award-winning and second-best selling product. It was also the first effervescent beauty powder to enter the market – an innovation I’m so proud of. The effervescent formula enhances ingredient efficacy – which is our number one priority. By dissolving instantly in contact with moisture, like when taken directly on the tongue, the powder is easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream in 15 to 20 minutes. This makes Anti-G-Ox an effective, on-the-go way to protect and enhance skin from within.

GRAZIA: The Vida Glow range is ever expanding. How do we know which ingestible beauty product is right for us?

AL: We know the best results for skin, hair and nails are achieved through a bidirectional – internal and external – beauty routine. I’ve personally seen incredible results from supporting my topical skincare with a consistent supplementation routine.

When creating an effective ingestible routine, I always recommend starting with a base regimen that includes Natural Marine Collagen and Anti-G-Ox. These are the core products in our Daily Essentials range and they’re suitable for all skin concerns and skin types. Our marine collagen is a corrective product that replenishes collagen levels that decline with age. It has incredible and clinically proven benefits for skin, hair and nails. Anti-G-Ox is a preventative product that defends against the mostly unavoidable environmental and lifestyle factors that accelerate skin ageing. Together Natural Marine Collagen and Anti-G-Ox are the perfect duo to correct and prevent the signs of skin ageing.

This routine creates a foundation to support strong skin with healthy function. It also helps to maximise the effects of targeted products that address specific skin concerns, such as our Hyaluronic Complex for dry and dehydrated skin.

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