The ingestible beauty category is larger than ever and there are no signs the industry will slow. In fact science is making the wellness category even more effective as we attempt to part faux claims from fact. Just the last few months alone have ushered in some promising launches which are sitting proudly in our pantries. We can’t promise life changing results because everybody’s different but with first-hand experience, we’ve rounded up our favourite offerings below.

Seed Daily Synbiotic

While Seed Health launched in 2018 overseas, the 2-in-1 capsule-in-capsule probiotic finally arrived in Australia this year. In a bid to break through the saturation of the $60 billion probiotics industry, co-founders Ara Katz and Raja Dhir sit at the helm and have released a probiotic that you can feel work. I switched to Seed this month and my tummy (and skin) hasn’t been this happy in a long time.

Seed Daily Synbiotic DS-01, $50 USD. SHOP NOW

The Beauty Chef GLOW Ageless

By now you would be aware (if not, in love) with The Beauty Chef Glow Powder. In a sequel to the beloved daily essential powder is ‘AGELESS’, specifically formulated for women aged 50 plus. One scoop combines Certified Organic probiotic whole foods including nutrient-dense shiitake mushroom, as well as maca and grapeseed extract with provitamin A, which is necessary for the cellular turnover process, vitamin C for collagen formation and iodine for normal production of thyroid hormones.

The Beauty Chef Glow Ageless, $75. SHOP NOW

JS Health Skin Bright+

JS Health has been part of my daily routine since I discovered the brand’s Hair + Energy supplement over two years ago. This week the brand, founded by Jessica Sepel, has launched a new capsule formula dubbed SkinBright+. It contains SkinAx2™, a clinically proven blend of efficacious natural antioxidants including french grapeseed and melon extracts, designed to support radiance, along with vitamin C for skin health and collagen formation, vitamin B3 to support skin hydration in females and antioxidant grapeseed.

JSHealth Skin Bright+, $49.99. SHOP NOW

Dose & Co. Beauty Collagen

Founded in 2019 by Libby Matthews, New Zealand-born Dose & Co. has expanded across the globe at a rapid rate. This month the ingestible beauty brand has added Beauty Collagen into the offering which combines hyaluronic acid and vitamin C in a fruity mixed berry blend to further support healthy skin, hair and nails.

Dose & Co. Beauty Collagen, $44.99. SHOP NOW

Jeuneora Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Super Powder

New Zealand-based brand Jeuneora has harnessed the power of adaptogenic mushrooms and pistachio extract to promise better sleep, relaxation, immune health, mood balance and the ability to cope with stress and fatigue. Firstly, it’s available in a hot chocolate powder making it a delicious end to the day. I often have no issue with falling asleep so I can’t confirm rave reviews claiming instant sleep, however I do find I’m more refreshed in the morning and my mood is more balanced throughout the day.

Jeuneora Beauty Sleep Adaptogenic Super Powder, $77. SHOP NOW