When #MBFWA rolls around it’s about more than the designers showing their collections to local and international press and buyers – it also means 19-hour days for the country’s top models. That’s 19 hours of sprinting between backstage hair and make-up, 19 hours of traversing varying degrees of treacherous footwear on the runway and 19 hours of getting pulled and prodded in every different direction.

When stamina needs to be at a maximum, while stress levels need to stay at a minimum, the busy models know it pays to be prepared. Whether it’s by clocking extra hours in the boxing ring, relaxing on a yoga matt or logging some skin-love  sessions for after the shows, we spoke to five of the top walkers of the week for their Fashion Week survival tips and tricks.

Bridget Hollit
I really believe in the idea of incidental exercise, so I try to walk places I wouldn’t normally walk because that all adds up. My skincare is really simple. I just cleanse with whatever I can get from the chemist and I moisturise with Embyrolisse. I love using Jurlique Rosewater Spray in the morning and during the day to keep my skin healthy. After fashion week I’ll do a deep hair treatment with an Argan oil hair mask and try to wear as little make-up as possible.
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“When it comes to fitness my biggest thing is to find something that is fun, otherwise I won’t do it. At the moment I’m lovingboxing, it’s fun and if I have a shitty day it’s the best thing! For my skin right now I’m using La Roche Posay. I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful. Fashion week is super tough on my hair. Backstage at one show it’ll get pulled in every direction and then there’s barely any time before the next show when it happens all again. My hair is super fine and it just breaks, so I use a L’Oreal treatment on the ends and that helps a lot but the only thing to really revive it is going to the salon for a long, professional treatment. “



Roberta Pecoraro
I love coconut oil. I use it to cleanse my skin of make-up and it keeps my skin really fresh and clean. I’m terrible with my hair but I find Kevin Murphy products work for me, I love their masks. For me exercise is my own little escape. I do cardio, treadmill or the bike and some yoga. Smoothies are the best way to start the day, especially during Fashion Week. I make one with some banana, kale, spinach, honey and some Spirulina.

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Juliette Perkins
I’m one of those girl who is terrible with skincare but in the lead up to fashion week I got into La Roche Posay and I’ve been loving their light moisturiser it’s amazing on the skin. I hate to say this but I do nothing special with my hair. I’ve just been blessed with really good hair and I’ve never dyed it so it’s quite strong and soft. Fitness is important to me though. I do reformer Pilates six days a week and an hour of cardio before that. I find that combination of Pilates and cardio really works for me. When I’m I Sydney for work I don’t have a gym here so I’ll just watch YouTube of Instagram for some work-outs and do them. I like Emily Skye Fit and Kayla Itsines. It just means I can do it anywhere.

Talulah morton

I cook 90% of the time and I think that’s the best way to stay healthy because you know exactly what you’re eating. Getting lots of greens is my biggest tip, right now I’m loving zucchini. And sleeping!

Cover Image: Instagram @fashion_week
Title Image: Courtesy of Beauty Directory