Mandy Moore story
Mandy Moore at the 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. Image credit: Getty Images

What kind of publication passes up an interview with sweet Mandy Moore? The 36-year-old This Is Us actress has expressed her fury at one unnamed media outlet who were set to publish a story about her. But when Moore’s agent politely informed the journalist that the actress did not wish to speak about a “certain subject”, the journalist surprisingly dropped the interview all together.

The subject in question is presumably Moore’s ex-husband singer Ryan Adams.

Moore was having none of it and published the email exchange to her Instagram Stories.

“It may best to put this [interview] on pause for the time being,” the journalist wrote to Moore’s agent. “While I completely understand Mandy’s decision not to want to discuss [name hidden] at all, from our perspective it would be difficult not to address it in the interview. We’re keen to do a supportive interview which profiles Mandy’s entire life and career, and part of that would inevitably involve discussing her time with [name hidden] given the impact he has had on her life and career.

“If Mandy doesn’t want to talk about it though, we have to respect that and it would be wrong for us to proceed with the interview,” the journalist continued.

Moore, who says she hesitated whether to publicly share the exchange, remarked that after sleeping on the decision, her “blood was still boiling.” She called the outlet “completely out of touch with the cultural discussion around abusive relationships.”

“When [the publication] were told that I had spoken plenty about a certain subject in my life and would have no further comment (truly there are countless interviews they could pull from, that story is over and there’s nothing more to say), this was the response we got back.”

“Any comment I make about said experience becomes clickbait and gives them the energy and time they seek and have already stolen from too many for too long.”

Mandy Moore story
Credit: Instagram Store / @mandymooremm

The award-winning actress and musician was married to Grammy-winning singer Adams from 2009-2016. In 2019, Moore joined several other women in going public with allegations of abuse by Adams.

In the bombshell report published by the New York Times, Moore opened up about how Adams allegedly psychologically abused her throughout their seven-year marriage, and how she believes the folk singer’s actions seriously and irreparably damaged her music career.

“He would always tell me, ‘You’re not a real musician, because you don’t play an instrument.’”, Moore said. “His controlling behaviour essentially did block my ability to make new connections in the industry during a very pivotal and potentially lucrative time — my entire mid-to-late 20s.”

While Adams initially denied the allegations, he later released an open letter, apologising to Moore. She slammed it as a “performative act of contrition.”

Moore is now happily married to singer Taylor Goldsmith and they are expecting a baby.

Don’t we all have more interesting things as women to talk about and to bond over than the things that hurt us in our past? Like Moore says in her Instagram Stories today, “I have been in this business for two decades with plenty to chat about.”