Mandy Moore at the 2020 E! People’s Choice Awards. Image via Instagram @Enews

I remember once, many years ago, listening to a radio interview with Mandy Moore. The interviewer told Moore that her hit single I Wanna Be With You from the 2000 film Centre Stage was the one song she always has in her head. It’s the kind that finds itself into every single solo car drive and the one that joins you in more showers than we’d care to admit. I remember thinking girl, saaaaame. The singer and actor then giggled saying she was a “baby, when I recorded that song.” I recall it so clearly even now, because I was shocked to hear her say that. It only seemed like yesterday the song was released, and I remember her seeming so set in her career even then. After all, I still hummed it around the house like it was in the Top 20.

Some two decades since that song and film, Moore has done what many other young, cute pop stars of the nineties have been unable to – foray into film and television, and set upon a path for a solid entertainment career. Her cult-loved role in A Walk To Remember was one of the first to revel in the teen-tearjerker space while her breakthrough performance in This Is Us continues to see her critically acclaimed, even earning her a Golden Globe nomination in 2016. Moore is the pop star exception.

And while we’ll forever stan her late nineties commitment to trendy style (no one did boob tubes and boot cuts like her), the 36-year-old’s sartorial recent history has been a constant nod to fresh classic femininity. She favours a shirt dress, a pop of colour and a polka dot, owning her own brand of Kate Spade-y cuteness. So tonight, when she opted for a glorious floor length Brandon Maxwell gown for the very 2020 version of the E! People’s Choice Awards, she accessorised in the sweetest way possible – with a little baby bump.

Moore and her husband, singer/songwriter Taylor Goldsmith, who married in 2018, are expecting a baby boy next year. And, after a well documented tumultuous divorce from singer Ryan Adams in 2016, it’s wonderful news for the couple.

The question is, in the coming years when Moore is dashing to daycare pickups and unconsciously humming her bub to sleep, what will the tune be? My kids think I Wanna Be With You is a nursery rhyme, so I’m guessing hers will too.

Here’s some of Moore’s most covetable looks over the last few years…