Megan Fox Machine Gun Kelly
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS

There have been rumours for months now that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are already engaged. While the actress’ management has continually shut down speculation, there is now real possibility of an imminent proposal – we mean it this time. According to a source for Entertainment Tonight, MGK is reportedly planning the occasion.

Kelly “has been telling friends that he is planning to propose [to Fox],” the insider said. “They’re very in love and beyond obsessed with each other. They are ready to take this next step in their relationship.”

After close famous friend Travis Barker proposed to Kourtney Kardashian last month, we’re not surprised at the turbo speed. If you ask us, it’s always been an unspoken, unofficial race to the aisle between the couples.

Fox and Kelly discussed their relationship in a recent interview with GQ and if you thought their PDA was full on (remember when Fox publicly admitted to having sex on the AirBnb table?), what they had to say was a lot.

“It should be light, but also we go to hell with each other, it’s ecstasy and agony for sure…,” Kelly told the publication. “I don’t want people to think anything’s perfect with us. I didn’t say it was the darkest fairy tale for no reason. God help you if you would’ve met us last Saturday.”

We’re yet to learn what happened on that fateful Saturday.

Fox and Kelly met in March 2020 on the set of the upcoming indie thriller Midnight In The Switchgrass.

“I don’t remember your face… And I definitely would have remembered his face,” Fox said in the aforementionedinterview. “I just remember this tall, blond, ghostly creature and I looked up and I was like, ‘You smell like weed.’” To which Kelly responded “I am weed.”

Just imagine the reception!