Like something out of Willy Wonka, Lizzo was back to her brilliant “f*cks to give” best on the BRIT Awards red carpet, arriving as a life-size chocolate bar.

But instead of Mr. Wonka, it was fashion’s ultimate confectionist, Jeremy Scott, who made the singer a custom gown inspired by the wrapper of a Hershey’s chocolate bar.

Yes, America’s favourite chocolate was transformed into a couture gown by the House of Moschino, which even included a snack-size chocolate purse, which, of course, she nibbled whilst doing her red carpet rounds.

A haute take on high-street chocolate, the strapless gown featured a sculptural one-shoulder detail and was fitted through the body, fluting slightly at the bottom. It had all hallmarks of classic confectionary wrapping: the price, nutritional information – even the barcode, which made for a particularly delicious and show-stopping red carpet moment (and Lizzo’s had a few).

“The best kind of chocolate🍫🍪🍩✊🏾….”, she wrote on Instagram. Indeed, Lizzo. Fashion chocolate is the best kind (well, Lindt is up there, too).

A major moment from this year’s BRIT Awards, what is better than a rapper in a wrapper? Genius.