They’re barely out of their teens, but the genetically-blessed Californian Gerber siblings are making more bank than most of us could dream of.

Still, when your parents are an original supermodel and a bazillionaire businessman, a life behind the scenes for Kaia and Presley Gerber was never likely. Little wonder global management mega-agency IMG snapped them both up as school kids.

Kaia and Presley Gerber star in the third MYCALVINS campaign installment
Credit: Willy Vandeperre for Calvin Klein

(For anyone who’s been asleep the past half-decade, their parents are original Super, Cindy Crawford, and her husband, former model turned bar and hotel entrepreneur Rande Gerber. The latter recently sold the Tequila brand he started a few years ago “for fun” with best friend George Clooney for US$700million – that’s almost $900m Australian  – with a deal in place that sees them get US$300m more if sales go well for the new owner.)

Kaia, of course, now has a whole season of high-stakes modelling under her belt. The 16-year-old set the fashion world on fire with her runway debut for the Spring/Summer 2018 runway shows, all under the watchful eye of a proud Crawford. So hyped was Kaia’s fashion week arrival – particularly that show-opening Chanel exit – it ranks amongst the most impactful moments in fashion for 2017.

The American Dream: Kaia Gerber in the MYCALVINS campaign third installment
Credit: Willy Vandeperre for Calvin Klein

Likewise, her big brother is no stranger to the catwalk or photographers lens, having walked for the likes of Dolce and Gabbana and Moschino. And while the hype surrounding him might not be to the same megawatt levels as his younger sister (yet), his ability to bring in the big bucks and influence a whole generation as a style icon is practically guaranteed.

Together, they’re a fashion marketing dream. So it’s kudos to fashion superpower Calvin Klein for making history as the first to pair Presley and Kaia in a global advertising campaign shot by photo icon Willy Vandeperre.

Presley Geber does denim on denim on denim (with denim cap for good measure) for MYCALVINS
Credit: Willy Vandeperre for Calvin Klein

In the third instalment of the MYCALVINS series shot by Willy Vandepere and previously starring Solange and A$AP Rocky with their various ‘work families’, the Gerbers pose in the same minimalist, barn-like setting both together and apart, wearing laid-back Calvin Klein Denim.

“This makes me happy ❤,” wrote Crawford under an image from the campaign on her Instagram. In it, the siblings lounge next to one another on the floor, Presley’s arm draped around his little sister’s craned neck.

Of course, given their ages it makes sense neither posed in Calvin Klein Underwear as Solange Knowles did. We just wish there were more snaps in this installment – or better still, behind the scenes video so we could get to know the fledgling superstars.

One thing’s for certain: it’s not the last time we’ll see them story-high on billboards and plastered on our social feeds. It wouldn’t take a genius to deduce that 2018 is the year of the Gerber.

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