We don’t blame Jordan Barrett for anything. Like, anything. Genetically endowed with they-can’t-be-real cheekbones (they are literally a reference for many a plastic surgeon), that Bondi-kissed quiff and come-hither baby blues, aesthetically, Jordan is a dream.

Personally, he is the constant target of zealous paps and swooning girls, as the media purport that banal byline – bad boy, wild child, rat bag – over and over again. Partying, boozing and smoking aside, it’s his taste in very pretty, and very famous women, which is mostly to blame for such persistent headlines.

To us, he was anything but. Gracious with his time, charming and of course, flirty as ever – Jordan was every bit lovely. He even wanted a pic (or maybe it was the other way round, we can’t quite remember). 

Touching down in Sydney this morning, the jet-lagged Jordan was all kinds of trooper, walking exclusively for emerging menswear designer, Justin Cassin. In a hot backstage second (seriously, it was sweaty), Jordan chatted exclusively to GRAZIA.

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on being back home…
“It’s so good being back. I only got in at 9am this morning but after this I only have three more things to do and I’ll be here for four days, then I’m off to Cannes. I’m going to the Cannes Film Festival.”


On Fashion Week…
“It’s amazing to be walking for Justin Cassin, I like his style and I’m so glad he’s put it into a show and he’s shown it in Australia and it’s all menswear. It’s very similar to my style and I’m excited to take some after the show!


“Don’t read!”


On his Instagram…
“It’s not put together, it’s not on purpose, not at all! It’s just very bright. I don’t like black and white photos – that’s the only thing I don’t like.”


On Partying…
“My ultimate party would be in four days in the South of France, where I’ll be! Probably my favourite parties I’ve been to have been there. Carine Roitfeld is the only person I want at my party. And that’s who’s party it will be!


Photography by Erika Yin for GRAZIA Australia.