Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in <i>The Morning Show</i>
Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show (Photo: courtesy of AppleTV+)

Season one of AppleTV+’s The Morning Show (or Morning Wars as it’s known in Australia so as not to confuse anybody with Channel Seven’s actual The Morning Show with Kylie and Larry) ended abruptly with Jennifer Aniston’s veteran anchor Alex Levy and Reese Witherspoon’s newbie firebrand Bradley Jackson seemingly on the same page. The duo had teamed up to expose the network execs who fostered a culture of abuse on their show. But as indicated by the latest trailer for Season two, which premieres September 17, Alex and Bradley seem to have gone their separate ways at some point between then and now.

As Billy Crudup’s oddball head of news operations Cory Ellison says, “The game is changing.” Alex is busy chopping wood in a snowy seclusion, while Bradley, who is blonde now, has taken the top spot on The Morning Show alongside newcomer Hasan Minhaj’s Eric Nomani. But ratings are down, according to Greta Lee’s Stella Bak, another new character. And so, Cory is on a mission to get Alex back on the show – and reunite her with Bradley in the process. Which, obviously is happening.

Interestingly, the new season appears to take place at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with Alex casually handing off coverage of the developing situation to Bradley over dinner. But, of course, the real drama on The Morning Show is all about the fictional drama on the fictional Morning Show. Marcia Gay Harden is back as reporter Maggie Brener, who is set to publish a bombshell book about the behind-the-scenes scandals that rocked the network last season. Meanwhile, Julianna Margulies joins the cast as a prime time news anchor at the show’s network UBA (and who seems like she might be interested in tempting Bradley away from her fluffy morning gig). And, yes, Steve Carrell is still around as serial sexual harasser Mitch Kessler.

The highly anticipated first season of this glossy, star-studded drama was absolutely compelling – remember the finale? We’re all here for the spectacle!