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Is anyone else clocking the current curl power moment? From Karlie Kloss’ bouncy ringlets at DVF Autumn/Winter 2016, to the countless glossy waves later in Milan, to Rosie Huntington-Whitley’s commitment to party-girl corkscrew curls, and of course Beyonce’s long, tumbling tresses in Lemonade were beyond.

While we’re appreciating the bigger-is-better mentality, for us mere mortals keeping curls in tact beyond the catwalk is easily one of life’s biggest beauty frustrations. Longevity comes down to product placement and savvy styling. Read on and clue up.

TIP 1: Go in dry
“Use styling products after you’ve blow-dried your hair, not before when it’s still damp,” says hairstylist, Sam Overton. “Any water in the hair will naturally dilute the effectiveness of a product, but using it on dry is when you get the full strength of creams, serums and sprays.”


TIP 2: Spray makes curls stay
The power of hairspray is undeniable but using it before curling, as well as after, is a pro trick to making waves last longer. “It’s really important to lightly spray the hair before curling it, using it as a setting agent rather than just a finisher” insists Overton, giving GRAZIA a science lesson. “The heat from your curling wand will break down the bonds in the hair, and when it cools they realign and holds memory retention in the shape you set them in, so you get much more curl longevity.”


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TIP 3: Wrap randomly

Precision is your friend when creating perfect, 1940s-style retro waves, but if you’re going for a more modern and textured look, the trick is not to try so hard. “Today it’s about that cool-girl curl – think flatter at the roots with more defined waves through the lengths – and the best way to get it is by curling from the start so it will drop out more naturally later on,” explains Overton, who says overthinking is the enemy of natural-looking waves. “Curl big pieces and small pieces. Curl forward and curl backwards. This way they will drop at different rates and it will look more organic, like it’s meant to.”

TIP 4: Cool down
To maximise your curls’ longevity, try the classic cool-down pin trick. After you’ve curled a section, wrap it around your finger and pin it to your head until it cools completely. Then carefully release each curl and comb through with your fingers, a comb or a boar bristle brush.