When Ganni and Levi’s teamed up to release a rental-only upcycled denim capsule last year, the question on everyone’s lips was, would you rent a pair of jeans in the name of sustainability? The answer was a resounding yes and the collection’s three staple pieces couldn’t get from one person to the next fast enough.

Champion the need to make denim that is good for the planet beyond these three rentals —the material is notoriously a challenge given the amount of water and resources it takes to produce a single pair of blue jeans— the two cult brands put their heads together to create a 14-piece selection of vintage-look denim that you can have in your wardrobe for good.

In a true marriage of worlds, the pieces feature classic Levi’s designs—such as a denim shirt—but with the addition of signature Ganni embellishments—such as a Peter Pan collar.

To stay true to their sustainability goals, the collection was made using cottonised hemp, which allows for less water and pesticides to be used. Even more impressive, the hemp blended into these garments comes from rain-fed hemp crops, which reduces water usage even further. The cottonised hemp is then treated in a way that softens the fibre, so it’s indistinguishable from regular cotton, which then goes on to make the denim.

Along with the new collection, the brands released coinciding campaign imagery, coming up with both a COVID-friendly and fun concept with London-based photographer, Rosie Marks. After shooting models in London, cardboard cutouts were created in both San Francisco and Copenhagen—the home of both brands—and shot in iconic locations around the two cities. Ridiculously cute, just like those jeans.